Stage one: New hires in the program start in a Health Care Support Worker position and receive workplace training and orientation to their new role.

Your workplace orientation and training take approximately 6 days to complete.

Once you have completed your workplace training and orientation, you will begin your HCSW mentor shadow shifts, followed by an educational program at an accredited post-secondary institution once a placement has been secured for you.

You are responsible, along with your team leadership, for ensuring all steps in your workplace training and orientation are completed when and as required.

  • Step one: Review HCAP information

    We have a few requirements for this program including:

    • grade 10 equivalent English proficiency
    • physical capability to assist clients, of varying degrees of capabilities, in their personal care and activities of daily living
    • a valid driver’s license and vehicle that you can drive for work
    • being vaccinated for COVID-19
    • being a permanent resident or citizen of Canada

    During the program: 

    • you receive $23.83 per hour for the time you are participating in orientation and shadow shifts in the community with a mentor
    • your tuition is covered, and you will receive approximately $893.63 per week stipend while in school
    • Once you have completed the educational component of HCAP there is a one year Return of Service Agreement to Fraser Health you will be required to fulfill. During the Return of Service, you will work as a CHW for Fraser Health and be paid accordingly

    If you meet these requirements and you are interested in applying for this program, please email your interest and resume to

  • Step two: Apply and interview

    HCSW candidates will be contacted and pre-screened by Talent Acquisition. Once this step is successfully completed, the candidate will move forward to an interview with the HCAP Leadership Team.

    Candidates will participate in an informative and engaging interview, and if they are successful, they will receive a verbal offer of employment, with a start date. They can then expect to receive a formal written offer letter from Fraser Health Talent Acquisition.

  • Step three: Orientation

    After the interview process is completed, and you are hired for HCAP program, you will be required to attend a three (3) day orientation:

    • Day 1: In person covering Fraser Health policies
    • Day 2: In person reviewing Provincial Violence Prevention (PVP)
    • Day 3: In-person – completion of forms, mentor information, Learning Hub courses, Picture ID processing, Fraser Health email login information, expectations for school and mentor shifts.
  • Step four: Community health worker (CHW) mentor shifts

    HCSW are paired with community health worker mentors in the community to complete shadow shifts, where they’d work together in a client’s home.

    • Shadow shifts are ~4 weeks in duration.
    • This time is dedicated for the HCSW to learn, including the importance of home support and the CHW’s role in keeping clients independent at home.
  • Step five: Weekly meetings

    HCSW attend weekly meetings via Teams calls. During these calls, HCSW discuss feedback, encourage each other with experiences that can be shared, and talk about any concerns.

  • Step six:  Community of practice (COP)

    HCSW to attend monthly COP meetings for education related to home support, clients and safety.

    HCSW can share any questions/concerns with the group, and engage in knowledge transfer and to share best practices.

  • Step seven: HCSW feedback

    As an HCSW, you are part of a high profile and high priority initiative for Fraser Health. Due to the nature of this initiative, your feedback is of extreme importance to us. HCSW are asked to participate in a number of surveys including, but not limited to: their experiences in regards to all aspects of the program.


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