Manages the funding and assesses clients on home oxygen.

Home oxygen funding is provided by Fraser Health to those that qualify based on medical and non-medical criteria.

How do I access the home oxygen program?

In order to obtain Fraser Health funding for home oxygen, your doctor/ nurse practitioner must complete a Home Oxygen Program application along with an oxygen prescription, and submit to Community Respiratory Services.

A physician leader/respirologist (a doctor specializing in lung disorders) then considers the application to determine if you qualify for home oxygen funding.

Apply for the home oxygen program

Application form must be completed by your doctor or nurse practitioner.

What happens after I am approved?

When your home oxygen funding application is approved, an authorized oxygen provider will contact you to arrange delivery and provide instruction on use of the equipment.

A registered respiratory therapist from Community Respiratory Services then visits your home to complete a respiratory assessment, provide further education and make sure you and your family caregiver are comfortable with administering the oxygen.

The respiratory therapist provides ongoing assessments to determine if you need to continue using oxygen therapy. If your oxygen level has improved and exceeds the qualifying standards, the assessment will be reviewed and your home oxygen subsidy will be discontinued.

What kind of equipment is available?

There are different types of oxygen systems. Some equipment will provide for 24 hours of therapy a day while others are for short-term use. A respiratory therapist will work with you and your doctor to find a system that best meets your needs. If you have problems with your equipment, please contact the oxygen supply company.

Can I smoke while on oxygen?

Smoking near oxygen therapy is dangerous. If you continue to smoke around oxygen, your home oxygen equipment may be discontinued.  Please ensure that you and your family members don't smoke in the home while oxygen is being supplied. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Who can receive funding assistance for home oxygen?

    In order to receive funding assistance for home oxygen, applicant must be a British Columbia resident with current B.C. MSP coverage and have an illness resulting in the need for long-term oxygen therapy. Applicants must live in the Fraser Health area, but not in an acute, or residential care facility.

    Applicants with WCB, ICBC, NIHB, RCMP, or VAC coverage for home oxygen therapy will not receive funding from the Fraser Health Home Oxygen Program.

  • How do I apply for home oxygen funding assistance?

    An application form must be completed in full and submitted to the Home Oxygen Program with clinical evidence of hypoxemia (low blood oxygen levels).

    The application must be signed by a physician or nurse practitioner. Fax the application to the Home Oxygen Program at 604-514-6079.

  • What are the medical criteria?

    Applicants, both pediatric and adult, must demonstrate chronic hypoxemia on room air at rest, on exertion or nocturnally. Your physician will need to assess you.


    Separate qualifying criteria may exist. Infants with chronic needs for oxygen must be prescribed by neonatologists or pediatricians.

  • Will palliative care clients receive home oxygen funding?

    Applicants receiving palliative care are required to meet the medical eligibility criteria (noted above) in order to receive home oxygen funding. Those not meeting the criteria will not receive funding assistance.

  • What happens if the medical criteria are not met?

    Applications not meeting the eligibility criteria will be rejected for funding assistance. A letter of notification will be forwarded to the physician and home oxygen supplier. The applicant, under physician supervision, may obtain oxygen privately or by using their extended health benefits. In this instance, applicants may contact the home oxygen supplier of their choice.

  • When will the application be reviewed and who will be notified?

    The physician leader/respirologist reviews applications weekly. Once a decision has been made, notification is forwarded to the applicant, physician and oxygen supplier.

  • Where do I get more application forms?

    Should additional application forms be required please contact the Home Oxygen Program at 604-514-6106 or toll free 1-888-514-6106.

    Download the application.

  • How do I arrange the delivery of the home oxygen equipment?

    All physician offices/clinics must contact the Fraser Health Home Oxygen Program for selection of a vendor and to receive a tracking number prior to the oxygen being set up by calling 604-514-6106 or toll free 1-888-514-6106. After the vendor is selected, the application must be faxed to the identified vendor and the Home Oxygen Program 604-514-6079.

    VitalAire fax: 1-866-812-0202.

    MedPro respiratory fax: 604-521-9286 or toll-free fax 1-888-310-1441.



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