Vaccines are safe, effective and save lives.

Are vaccines safe?

Vaccines are safe, effective and save lives.

Getting immunized is the best way to protect against vaccine preventable diseases. Some people worry that vaccines can cause other health problems, such as autism. Research shows that there is no link between vaccines and autism or any other illnesses.

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Is it safe to get multiple vaccines?

Yes, getting multiple vaccines at the same time is safe.

Many people think there are severe side effects that come with immunization. Side effects from immunization are usually mild and only last a day or two. Getting more than one vaccine at one time is both safe and effective. It does not cause major side effects.

How are vaccines tested?

Vaccines must go through a series of approvals in Canada. On average, it takes about 10 years of research and development before a vaccine is approved by Health Canada.

Once vaccines are in use, they are carefully monitored to ensure that they meet the safety regulations. As part of ongoing vaccine monitoring, every person is asked to call their doctor, pharmacist or public health nurse to report any unusual or unexpected side effects (adverse events) following immunization. Adverse events following immunization are reported in each province and territory of Canada, as well as to the federal government and World Health Organization. Rates of these adverse events are analyzed and every serious event is reviewed in detail.

Are the ingredients safe?

Yes, the ingredients in vaccines are carefully tested and are not linked to diseases.

Each vaccine contains a small amount of the disease germ (virus/bacteria/toxoid) or parts of the germ. Examples are the measles virus, pertussis (whooping cough) bacteria, and tetanus toxoid. The germs are either dead or weakened, and the toxoids do not cause disease.

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What are the risks of not immunizing or not immunizing on time?

Getting immunized is the best way to protect against vaccine preventable diseases. Not getting immunized can be serious and even deadly for you and others around you.