mental health peer support

Where you can go for help if you have a concern about your own substance use, or that of a loved one.

Our services are committed to developing safe, trusting and helping partnerships with people who are interested in exploring how their relationship with substances is effecting their well-being. We can support you in developing plans to improve your wellness based on your goals, needs and strengths.

Where can I go for help?

Community substance use services clinics (formerly known as ‘outpatient clinics’) are located across the Fraser Health region. These services are staffed by professionals who provide screening, assessment, treatment planning, counselling, referrals and case management.

Community substance use services clinics

Community substance use services can provide you with information about the continuum of programs and help you connect with services that require a referral, such as intensive residential treatment. These community based services also provide education and support groups.

Where can I find more information about substance use services?

Find information about substance use services for adults or youth.

Who is eligible for these services?

Any adult (25+ years) is invited to contact their local community substance use services clinic. Youth and young adults (12 – 24 years) are invited to contact their local community youth substance use services clinic. All services are free of charge and wheelchair accessible. These services are committed to providing and a safe and welcoming environment for all people.