Find tips to soothe your crying infant.

All babies cry. Crying is your baby’s way of communicating and letting you know that they need something. Some babies will cry more then others.

Research has proven that you cannot spoil a baby if you pick them up when they cry. Instead, respond to their cries promptly. Responding to your baby will help them to become emotionally secure. Babies will thrive in an environment where their needs are consistently met through your love, care and devotion.

Between the ages of two weeks and four months old, it is a normal developmental stage for many babies to cry more.  Read more about the period of purple crying.

Tips to soothe your crying baby

  • Feed your baby. Look for hunger cues; not seeing any? Then consider the following tip.
  • Cuddle or comfort your baby.
  • Change your baby’s diaper if it is wet or dirty.
  • Burp your baby. Babies do not have a natural ability to get rid of air built up in their stomach.
  • Sing softly. Lullabies were created because of their effectiveness at calming crying babies.
  • Hum in a low tone against your baby’s head. Dads usually do this soothing feature best.
  • Run a vacuum cleaner. The noise from a vacuum is referred to as white noise, which is any sound that produces a loud, neutral, masking sound. Babies find these noises hypnotizing.
  • Take your baby for a ride in the car. The vibrations from a car have a sleep inducing effect on babies. Always make sure your baby is secure in a rear-facing car seat in the back seat.
  • Never shake or hit your baby.

Shaken baby syndrome

Shaken baby syndrome is the term used for the injuries that can happen when a baby is shaken. Babies have weak neck muscles and heavy heads, so even a few seconds of hard shaking can cause serious damage.

Shaking can cause brain damage, blindness, paralysis, seizures and death. It often happens when a parent or caregiver loses control because a baby will not stop crying.

Take a break

It can be very difficult to remain calm with a crying baby day after day. It’s OK to ask for help. Find tips to deal with frustration and anger.

Use soothers properly