What to expect for your newborn hearing and screening.

Having your newborn’s hearing checked is very important because a lot can be done if hearing loss is caught early.

Where do I go?

Screening occurs shortly after birth, typically in hospital (before going home). However, if the test was missed, it can be done at a hearing clinic in your community.

How does it work?

Soft sounds are played in the baby’s ears while a computer measures the responses from the baby. Screening tests work best with sleeping or quiet babies. It is a safe and simple test.

Visit the BC Early Hearing Program to learn more.

What if my baby does not pass the screening?

Many babies pass on the the first screening test and do not need another screening. Some babies do not pass the first screening and need to have a repeat hearing screening.  This does not necessarily mean that your baby has hearing loss.

Some reasons babies need a repeat screening test are:

  • hearing loss
  • vernix in the ear canal
  • fluid in the middle ear

The hearing clinic will contact you if a repeat hearing screening is required.

If you have concerns, learn more about our audiology services.