Learn about Fraser Health's response to human trafficking and how you can help.

Human trafficking is a criminal act, a human rights violation, a form of exploitation and an act of violence occurring globally. Canada is not immune. The trafficking of men, women and children is happening within and across Canadian borders.

Due to the violent and elusive nature of trafficking, health complications can occur before, during and after the trafficking process. The health consequences can be minor to severe; acute and ongoing. Very few go unscathed.

Persons who are trafficked may look like any other patient we see everyday, but there are red flags. As health care providers we have an opportunity to prevent, identify and respond to human trafficking.

Fraser Health has a response to human trafficking.

Be part of the response. You can help. Because you consider, assess, respond and evaluate (C.A.R.E.)

Online learning module

Take this online module, Human Trafficking: Help Don’t Hinder, to identify and respond to potential victims of human trafficking who present in a hospital Emergency Department.