Free and confidential specialized medical care for survivors of recent interpersonal violence.

The Strangulation Clinic is hosted by Embrace Clinic and is for all genders age 13 and older who have experienced recent strangulation during interpersonal violence.

Strangulation is a serious and high risk event that often occurs in interpersonal violence. Anything being wrapped around the neck (hands, arm, rope, etc) is strangulation. Some people say, "I was choked". Strangulation often shows NO VISIBLE INJURIES. There is a risk for serious internal injuries of the neck and blood vessels. A medical check up of the head, neck and neurological function is recommended for anyone who has recently been strangled.

Services offered

All appointments are in person and take about 1 hour.

  • Non-emergency outpatient focused medical assessment, treatment and referrals after recent strangulation.
  • Focused forensic exam which includes documentation of injuries and medical-legal reports when needed
  • Professional consultation and training (call to speak with one of the clinicians)

How to access

If strangulation occurred less than 7 days ago

  • Consider medical and forensic assessment by the Forensic Nursing Service at Surrey Memorial Hospital ER or Abbotsford Regional Hospital ER. Forensic Nurse Examiners are on call 24/7.
    • Strangulation Clinic/Embrace Clinic will follow up afterwards without the need for a referral.
  • If the above is declined and the person is medically stable they can self refer by contacting Embrace Clinic directly or providers can complete the Strangulation Clinic referral form.

If strangulation occurred more than 7 days ago or patient refuses ER assessment.

  • Must be medically stable
  • Patients can self refer or providers can complete the Strangulation Clinic referral form.

Embrace Clinic Hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Closed weekends and statutory holidays

For appointment - Self Referral is welcome: