Sexual health is an important part of overall health and well-being. As a health care provider, you play an important role in improving access to sexual health care and eliminating stigma and judgement.

Find sexual health information for clients.

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  • Click below to stay up-to-date on current sexually transmitted infection (STI) trends.
    • Rates of syphilis are increasing across all genders, especially women. Between 2021 and 2022, there was a 47 per cent increase in the rates of syphilis in women.

About Fraser Health’s Sexual Health team

Fraser Health’s sexual health and blood-borne infections program (SHBBI) is operated by a team of highly skilled public health nurses, physicians, social workers and outreach workers.

The team supports clients living in the Fraser Health region who are at risk for, or affected by, sexually transmitted infections, HIV and acute Hepatitis C.

Share our Fraser Health Sexual Health Services’ brochure with your patients and clients.

  • Our goals
    1. Provide low-barrier access to sexual health services as close to home as possible.
    2. Incorporate combined methods of prevention, including sexual health promotion and treatment as prevention into clinical workflows.
    3. Link individuals to care as quickly as possible.
    4. Diagnose and treat sexually transmitted blood-borne infections as close to the time of infection possible.
  • Testing and health promotion services

    Our testing team consists of STI Certified Practice nurses and physicians. They work with diverse populations in rural and urban settings to provide the following services:

    • Low-barrier access to STI testing, treatment and follow-up for populations most affected by sexually transmitted blood-borne infections.
    • Sexual health promotion and prevention messaging.
    • Partner support and follow up, including access to testing and treatment.
    • Initiating Hepatitis C case follow-up for acute cases.
    • Initiating HIV new diagnosis case follow-up and reporting.
  • HIV case management services

    Our management team includes nurses, social workers and outreach workers who work in collaboration with community organizations to provide an integrated approach to delivering comprehensive care.

    Services include:

    • Engaging and connecting clients to care providers.
    • Offering outreach to clients who are lost to care to support re-engagement.
    • Providing ongoing partner notification, testing and treatment.
    • Developing and implementing a collaborative plan of care.
    • Engaging with community partners.
    • Facilitating partners access to HIV preventative therapy.
    • Assessing and supporting client health and social support needs.
    • Transporting to medical appointments.

    Learn more about services and supports for people living with HIV.

  • How to make a referral or connect with our team

    Central Intake Line (604) 587-6788.
    Referrals can be faxed to (604) 582-4811.
    Emails can be sent to


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