Explore the options when it comes to choosing a surgeon.

Unless your surgery is an emergency, you have some options when it comes to choosing a surgeon.

Some surgeons have more patients waiting for surgery than others. If you want to have your surgery as soon as possible, you and your family doctor can access information which provides the names of the surgeons most likely able to perform your surgery sooner than others.

Soonest surgery tool

Find a surgeon that can perform your surgery sooner. This online tool identifies surgeons with shorter wait times.

How can I use the Soonest Surgery Tool?

The soonest surgery tool is based on statistics gathered for the Ministry of Health Wait Times website. The results change regularly based on the number of patients referred to each surgeon and the amount of time available in operating rooms.

Here are two examples of how you can use this tool:

  • Example 1: When your family doctor suggests making a referral to a surgeon, ask your doctor to go to the soonest surgery tool and refer you to one of the surgeons most likely able to perform your surgery sooner.
  • Example 2: If your family doctor has already referred you to a surgeon, and you would like a second opinion or be referred to a surgeon who can perform the surgery sooner, you can go back to your family doctor and ask that you be referred to a second surgeon or one that is on the list.

Procedures for cardiac surgery, corneal transplant surgery and pediatric surgery are not included in this tool.

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Frequently asked questions

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