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This week's high fives goes to our incredible people across our hospitals and health care sites.

This week’s high fives go out to our incredible people at Abbotsford Regional Hospital, Eagle Ridge Hospital, Royal Columbian Hospital, Burnaby Hospital, Langley Memorial Hospital, Home Health, Ridge Meadows Hospital, Chilliwack General Hospital, Mission Memorial Hospital, Peace Arch Hospital and Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Hip replacement. Dr Rose. Surgery 8: 30 a.m. July 25. Released 1:45 p.m. July 26. Absolutely brilliant on all accounts. Nurses were all fantastic, feel ashamed I cannot remember their names.

I had surgery at Eagle Ridge Hospital on August 2, 2017. I would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication these nurses give each and every patient. In PSU the nurses were working short but took the time to address my concerns regarding my surgery at no time did I feel rushed or did they let on they were working short. Marianna and Julie were my nurses in PSU. They were kind and caring and very knowledgeable.

The OR staff were welcoming and introduced themselves. Although I was very nervous they took the time to ensure I was comfortable and warm. Kirsten helped with my induction and had a soothing voice that helped me off to sleep. My scrub nurse Rachelle and circulating nurses Melissa were efficient and caring. My anaesthetist Dr. Boivenue was calm and caring. He talked me off to sleep along with Kirsten. He did come and check on me in PACU several times during my stay. Dr. Konkin was very clear and concise with his operative plan. His OR was running on time. He phoned my family and did see me in PACU when I was more awake.

I don't remember much from my PACU stay other than that I had considerable pain and nausea which was treated aggressively. I was kept warm and safe by Hui Shin and Natalie. I don't remember if other nurses were involved in my care but I am sure they all share the same caring nature.

In SDC, Kash took care of me with my discharge instructions and answered all my familie’s questions.

This is an exceptional team that deserves to be recognized for their outstanding team work and dedication to patient care. Thank you.

I came here today with my dad as he went through an angiogram. On behalf of my dad and from me as well, I just want to say a big thanks to the team that we came in contact with. The nurses, doctors and really everyone were very patient and kind. I can imagine that this is a challenging place to be at and it's really impressive to see this level of service and professionalism. Special thanks to volunteer Diane who was a wealth of information and a great story teller. Many thanks.

This email is to commend all your staff, aides and the doctors at the hospital during my brother's recent stay at Burnaby General. My brother was admitted at the Hospital for a kidney infection amongst other ailments and right from the Emergency section to his final stay on the ward, I cannot but express my admiration and heartfelt thanks to the team for their dedication and professionalism, in particular, Doctors V. Lee, McNeil, Maan and Morton. Once again, thank you!

I just want to say thanks to the various people involved during my stay here at Surrey Memorial Hospital. A few years back my wife spent many months here and the improvements are just amazing. The nurses and doctors and any support staff were so helpful, professional and kind. I'm especially thankful to nurse Kushi who was just amazing. Thank you and continue the good work. Sending you all lots of love.

I'm writing regardng the triage nurse at Mission Memorial Hospital. I'm sorry, I don't know her name. She remembered me from two weeks ago when my dad passed in the ER. I had breathing problems from all the smoke we're getting, and she started to take me to the bay where they usually put me when I come in with breathing problems, then quickly changed course and came up with a rationale to put me way over on the other side of the ER. It was clear to both me and the friend accompanying me that what she was really doing was NOT putting me over near where my dad died. Over the last thirty years, between my son, my dad, and myself, I think I've been in the Mission ER at least a hundred times, so I wasn't prepared for how hard going there last night would hit me. I'm hoping you might be able to track down that nurse and tell her how much I appreciated her sensitivity and caring. Thank you.

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent care I was provided by your team in Ambulatory Day Care at Peace Arch. Everyone was very friendly and supportive, especially the nurse assigned to prepare me for my procedure, Heather. She was a compassionate, knowledgeable and kind. She took my history, reassuring me all along and caringly advocated for me when my heart rate dropped below the normal levels. Thank you again for the great care.

I was hospitalized in Langley Memorial Hospital. I was taken to a unit on the second floor. Once there I was given excellent care by Angie my night nurse and Maria my day nurse. They took such good care of me and left me leaving the hospital much improved. The other staff on the unit also took great care of me, particularly when Maria was busy or on a break. Great unit, great staff!

I am writing as the daughter of a client of Case Management in South Delta. I spoke with Christine Phillips, Mom's Surveillance RN, this past week and it was such a pleasure to speak with her. I felt she really listened and offered good suggestions. She is an asset to the Case Management team!

I was in emergency at approximately 12 noon today The emergency doctor was Dr. Douglas Bartel W. I had a bad fall on my knee. He was kind, considerate, and very helpful in his relaying information.

I wish more Doctors were like him. I realize it’s a fast paced career but it means so much when a doctor shows you kindness instead of rushing you out the door.
Please let him know it’s appreciated.

I had my first home care session today. I was pleased by how kind and professional the home care nurse was. She was knowledgeable about wound care and did a great job with changing my dressing and updating me on my healing progress.

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