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This week's kudos go to our amazing people at Tri-Cities Home Health, Langley Memorial, Chilliwack General and Royal Columbian hospitals.

My wife and I would both like to express our appreciation for the excellent response that we received for our request to have someone from Tri-Cities Home Health visit our home to assist my wife.

She had been discharged from the UBC Hospital on Sunday January 22, following a full left hip replacement surgery, and although given some basic assistance at the hospital, was a having a great deal of difficulty getting out of bed, attempting the required exercises, and was very discouraged with her progress.

Your care worker Thelma Toews in spite of her busy schedule, was able to make time to attend the next day following our phone call, and was very professional, and encouraging, in the manner that she provided some very thoughtfully compassionate advice to my wife.

As a result of that one visit, it enabled my wife to really begin to progress, and eliminated the anxiety that she had been experiencing. Thanks so much for the assistance that was provided, and please ensure that you pass our comments on to Thelma on our behalf.

I was in emergency today at Langley Memorial Hospital and had an amazing doctor who deserves recognition. Dr. Robert Anthony was super-friendly and really portrayed that he cared about his patients. He came in and got us through so fast and kept us updated as much as possible. People like him who love their job and put a little heart into the practice make everyone happy. Thank you to Dr. Anthony.

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