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This week's kudos go to our amazing people at Abbotsford Regional Hospital, Eagle Ridge Hospital, Royal Columbian Hospital and the Asthma Clinic.

I was the slightly hysterical woman in the pre-op area of Abbotsford Hospital on Thursday, Feb 2nd, poor gentle nurse Adelaide was trying to insert an IV causing my instincts to kick in and attempt escape, if only I could stop hyperventilating! The caring OR nurses were so supportive, as was my surgeon, Dr. Kenyan, as she whispered "we will take good care of you!" No one gave up on me.

Dr.Patel drew my attention by asking about my favourite song and let me tell you, I will never, ever forget being escorted into the OR and seeing all the staff rocking to Metallica playing just for me! From then on, the care during my stay was beyond incredible! Every single nurse (especially Emily), no matter how busy, made me feel they truly cared and I felt very safe. Even when the snowstorm hit, everyone pitched in to keep patients comfortable and well looked after as staff struggled to get there.

Thank you to everyone who understood that to some of us, major surgery is absolutely terrifying and not belittling our genuine fear. We are extremely lucky to have a system that is there for us and does work for so many of us!

But mostly, thank you for stopping my cancer before it stopped me!

I'd like to acknowledge Angelica Martins, a respiratory therapist at Eagle Ridge Hospital who steps out of the box to provide exemplary care. Last week, an elderly patient left their purse in the Spirometry lab after her out-patient test. Angelica tried running after her to find her in the parking lot. When she was unsuccessful, she ended up calling the patient at the end of the day and delivering her purse to her home. If this isn't an example of "Best in health care." I'm not sure what is.

I visited the Royal Columbian Hospital emergency on February 15th at 5:30 pm and was totally impressed with the organized process that took place. The staging of tests makes the patient feel that things are moving along. I was discharged at 9 pm and during the course of the evening I received an X-ray, ECG, bloodwork and was seen by an emergency physician for initial consultation and then for discharge. Well done Royal Columbian Hospital!

Please convey my thanks to Eric Cheng of the Asthma Clinic for all the information and professional feedback he gave me in a very effective and personable manner.

I have been suffering from debilitating asthma for many decades. Coming regularly to the Asthma Clinic has not only saved my life, but allows me to fully enjoy the many blessings that our wonderful country offers.

Eric's services supplement the excellent diagnostic and medical skills of specialists like Dr. Blackie. The education and motivation Eric provides to each patient's unique circumstance and mindset are crucial for a long-term positive medical outcome.

Thank you very much!

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