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This week's kudos go to our amazing people at Surrey Memorial, Mission Memorial and Langley Memorial hospitals.

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I recently returned from some days spent in Mission Memorial Hospital, as a result of a hip injury. It soon became clear to me that there were a great many patients who were much sicker than I was, but I feel that I must publicize the care and kindness with which I was treated and encouraged to do as much as possible for myself. It is invidious to mention names, but I will do so – in particular, James (Jamie?), Matt, Preet, Tracy, Katrina, and many others. This is the time of year when people in hospital are particularly remembered. At Christmas time we should also mention the nurses and medical staff, because they work throughout the holidays, looking after the patients. I do hope that the residents of Mission are aware of what a wonderful hospital they have in Mission Memorial Hospital.

I would like to compliment Langley emergency on the treatment I received. From the nurse at the emergency reception to the doctor who saw me I cannot say enough. From the treatment to explaining to what treatment was being done and what my condition was - all was good.

I write to commend particular staff members of Mission Memorial Hospital, including but not limited to:

1. Dr. Stephen Hughes, attending doctor. This man is thoughtful, considerate, humourous in good British fashion, and exquisitely gifted in making his attendees experience hospitals as safe environments.

2. Sonia and Jeannie, both housekeeping employees. Sonia's patient treatment skills present as kind, quiet, and encouraging.

3. Nurses Sabu, Allison, Teresa, Catherine, Sue. I have a longer list ... including one patient. But, I must obey Allison's orders and rest before she returns. Truly, this hospital offers a collective family friendly safe environment most larger hospitals would desire.

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