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This week's high fives go out to our wonderful health care providers at Abbotsford Regional, Langley Memorial, Peace Arch and Royal Columbian Hospitals.

I was urgently summoned to the ER at Abbotsford Regional to see my beloved Dad who would ultimately pass away that very day. I began experiencing some sort of anxiety attack whereby I was violently nauseous and shaking with fear at what I ultimately knew was to come... But the reason for this email is not to talk about my loss. Rather, it is to send my heartfelt thanks to one particular nurse whom I will never forget. As I stood there helpless and afraid, this nurse so kindly tried to assist me in whatever way she could. Amongst her various attempts to help, she even found a package of saltines that she came to offer me when Gravol and other avenues were exhausted. And during all of this, she continued to care for my Dad and provide a sense of calm and genuineness. I have been to this hospital more times than I would like to remember and I have never met a nurse with a kinder disposition than her. Please tell nurse Stacy Lynn that her actions had a significant impact on me and for that I am very grateful. She may have no recollection of this event however, I want her to know that her disposition and "above and beyond" actions are what make her stand out amongst her peers.

A quick note to share my impression of an MRI technician I met at Abbotsford Hospital for my MRI. I cannot recall his name but I would like to note him for his extreme kindness, patience, professionalism and timeliness. He made what has most often been an awful experience in a tiny and loud MRI tube as good as good could have been and was so patient with my extreme claustrophobia.

I had full knee replacement surgery (at Langley Memorial Hospital). I want to thank nurse Arvin for her professionalism and attention to patient care. She regularly checked on my well-being, asking questions and making notes. Arvin is a very conscientious, diligent caring person.

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