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This week’s high fives go out to our incredible people at Surrey Memorial, Langley Memorial, Ridge Meadows, Eagle Ridge, Royal Columbian and Burnaby Hospitals, plus Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre.

Thanks for the high quality of service and friendly staff in Surrey Memorial Hospital’s pediatric emergency.

I recently had my third baby on Langley Memorial Hospital’s maternity ward and wanted to express my appreciation of Sue, one of the nurses I had. She was so kind and considerate her entire shift and made my experience and after-care much more comfortable. Her gentle manner and professionalism assured me that I was in the best hands possible. I have never had a better maternity nurse during any of my labor and delivery experiences and would hope, if I am ever back again, that Sue would be on shift.

My wife was recently admitted to Ridge Meadows Hospital with a severe dog bite to the face. We would like to give a big thank you to the staff that took care of her, specifically Dr. Kevin Sawchuck and nurse Anna Marie Pollak. My wife was treated immediately and the care she was given was amazing. Thank you so much.

On Sunday, evening May 21, I came into Eagle Ridge Hospital’s ER with a broken arm. It was my first time in an ER in my whole life. I am 56 and in great health, hence this occasion was quite a surprise.

Everyone at the ER admin desk (Sue) and the triage nurses (Tamara) were exceptionally kind, and helped me get the help I needed quickly. This meant the world to me, as I’m single and walked into the ER alone. Joe the X-ray technician that night couldn't have been more kind to me, smiling and letting me know that everything would be okay.

A short while later, I was taken to the ER exam area where Dr. Aspinall, Tamara, and Larry (respiratory therapist) tended to me. Dr. Aspinall explained that I would have to be put under anaesthesia for a short while, so that the bone could be re-set. Dr. Aspinall was so incredibly kind to me and coached me to take deep breaths. Because I was there without any family members, it meant the world to me to have him help me as he did. I knew right away when I saw him that I would be in exceptionally good hands.

After I came out of anaesthesia, Dr. Aspinall showed me the before and after X-rays, and said that he was able to set the radius bone 100 per cent perfectly. Though he was incredibly busy that night, he took a quick moment before I left to smile and to let me know I would be okay. This meant the world to me and helped me feel confident that my body could heal from this injury.

I just want to say, with all my heart thank you to Dr. Aspinall, Tamara, Joe, Larry, Sue, and all the kind staff in the your hospital. I hope you're aware of what an outstanding job they are providing to our community. I think you are all truly amazing and angels in disguise.

I underwent an operation at Burnaby Hospital in mid-July. All the staff I dealt with during this time were helpful, professional and made the experience much less stressful. I particularly wanted to say thanks to the staff in the recovery room that made the subsequent overnight stay much easier for me and my wife. I'd especially like to mention Layla Swenson who was a great nurse, juggling many patients, but still able to spare time for the personal touch. She's a credit to her profession. My thanks to her for the care she showed.

Screenshot of Stacey Robinsmith's post on Twitter
Screenshot of Stacey Robinsmith's post on Twitter
Screenshot of Stacey Robinsmith's post on Twitter
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