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This week's kudos go to our amazing people at Peace Arch Hospital, Surrey Memorial Hospital, and Chilliwack General Hospital.

In the late afternoon of June 1, 2017, I got a call from a neighbour of my mother. She had fallen, they asked if I could come to her place and call 911.

Luckily I was five minutes away and found several neighbours standing over my mother in the front hall of her home, one of whom was well-meaning and had placed her in a chair. (They now know never to do this again).

I called 911. Within 15 minutes a paramedic van arrived. We asked all the neighbours to leave and the paramedics Mike and Randy went to work.

They were excellent: professional, organized, respectful, great sense of humour, and adaptable to the goofy circumstance they walked into.

I followed the van to Peach Arch Hospital. Mike and Randy stuck with mom and efficiently dealt with the usual chaos in a very busy ER. They remained focused, relaxed and did everything they could to expedite her move through ER, so that mom was well taken care of, and they could get back on the road as soon as possible.

I will be forever grateful.

As I write this, mom is still at Peace Arch Hospital recovering from partial hip replacement surgery. To this point, all the staff at Peace Arch Hospital with whom we have had contact have been excellent – from student nurses, physiotherapists, nursing staff and doctors.

Mom is 89, so we don't know what the short or medium term prognosis will be, but it will be as good as possible in no small measure due to Fraser Health staff "just doing their jobs".

A great big thanks to everyone at Surrey Memorial Hospital's acute care for the time and attention you all gave to my father-in-law. It is much appreciated.

I brought my daughter in this evening to the ER for a broken wrist. Starting from the check-in, all the staff were amazing! They got her in right away and everyone was fantastic! I don't remember everyone's names as I was in panic mode but the nurses, doctor, X-ray tech, the men who did her IV, gave her the sleeping drugs and the man who monitored her breathing were so kind and gentle. I was in complete panic mode and they went above and beyond to make sure my daughter was taken care of. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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