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This week we share kudos for our caring staff at Royal Columbian, Abbotsford Regional, Ridge Meadows and Surrey Memorial hospitals.

Screenshot of Monkey King Tattoos' reply to Fraser Health on Twitter

I came into [Royal Columbian Hospital] with leg pain to find out I had four massive blood clots and a collapsed vein. Everyone involved from Emergency, HAU, and 3 South, took great care of me. I wanted to thank everyone who helped me and sat with me through the tears and scared moments. All of you made this stay bearable. Some people went beyond and I appreciate that very much. Samantha, Teri, Ina, Jessica, Dr. Toppin, Wendy – from the bottom of my heart, I thank you so much for your care and for treating me.

There are so many more people I unfortunately can't remember their names – to the blood work ladies, the ladies who cleaned the rooms and washed my hair, every last one of you made this bearable. Thank you.

My husband just spent two weeks in the cardiac unit of the Royal Columbian Hospital and I stayed with him as well and I would like to compliment the staff in 2 South. The nurses and care aides and doctors were the kindest, most caring human beings I have encountered, and ever so efficient and knowledgeable. They made a very difficult situation bearable with their smiling faces and friendly banter. Please acknowledge their outstanding care. I certainly am telling everyone!

To all the nurses, care aides and doctors who took such good care of me in my recent hospital stay [in Surrey Memorial Hospital] I would like to give a big THANK YOU.

I am 82 years old and have many compromising issues that these wonderful people had to deal with including A-Fib and a recent hysterectomy cancer surgery and a compromised system for drugs and anesthesia. This wonderful team saved my life so I was now able to have one more Mother’s Day with my family.

I am now able to return next week to one of the recreational things I love to do - Hawaiian Dancing. I will continue to be grateful every morning for these days, God, the skilled surgeon, Dr. Denise Yamashita, and the anesthesiologist (I cannot remember his name). And I hope this note will bring some joy to all of you to know you are appreciated.

Please give an extra hello to RN Kashmir, who I felt so safe and comfortable with as she always cared for me with extra special compassion.

May angels be with all of you.

I wanted to compliment a nurse and doctor [at Royal Columbian Hospital] in Medical Imaging.

Nurse Vanessa took excellent care and helped me overcome my fear. Last time I had been to Medical Imaging I suffered a miscarriage and the lack of communication that night made me really anxious to return. But Vanessa told me everything about the procedure and was there for me every second of it. Also the doctor, I think his name was Dr. Hilgi, was great and told me what he was going to do.

Overall the best medical experience I had in years. Thank you for these two incredible people.

I was admitted to [Abbotsford Regional Hospital] for the removal of a lump on my thyroid. I received excellent care from your nurses, Adrianna, Julie and Kylie. I want to thank you for the care and concern for me. Debbie, one of the nurses in Day Surgery was also very pleasant and kind. They all put me at ease. Thank you.

I attended the Ridge Meadows Hospital ER with a dog bite to my right lower lip. A portion of my lip had been torn off and I was sure I would require plastic surgery to try and repair the damage. Then I met Dr. Rughani. Right away he put me at ease and seemed confident he would be able to help me. He took his time suturing me up, checking to see if my mouth would look even when done. I walked out of the ER with an intact stitched lip! I followed his advice regarding recovery and I am happy to say that I am healing extremely well with the tiniest mark visible that continues to improve. No one believes I had a piece of my lip missing and insists Dr. Rughani must have been a plastic surgeon.

I do not think I would be having such a remarkable recovery without his intervention. Please send him my sincerest thank you! Maple Ridge is extremely fortunate to have him working in our community.

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