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This week's kudos go to our amazing people at Royal Columbian, Surrey Memorial, Eagle Ridge hospitals and the Cardiac Rehab Program at Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre.

I wish to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to all the staff in the Cardiac Department at Royal Columbian Hospital.

On February 1, I had open heart surgery. From the moment I entered the hospital at 6 a.m. until my departure on February 7, the entire complement of staff were more than caring and considerate. I wish I had written down everyone's name who cared for me, unfortunately I didn't but reiterate the fact everyone who was on shift during my stay was simply great. They tolerated some of my bad habits and likely at times my frustrations.

As I improve, I hope to stop in and say ‘hello’.

Thank you. Much appreciated.

I had heart surgery at Royal Columbian Hospital and have completed the Cardiac Rehab Program at Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre. The whole program of education, meditation and exercise is very worthwhile. We are very carefully monitored in the exercise program by the staff as the intensity of exercise is gradually increased, which is very reassuring. Great program!

My husband and I would like to praise and send many thanks to the Surrey Memorial Hospital staff on 3 South, Pod 2 for the care received from Monday, February 20, through Friday, February 24, following major surgery. We are also thankful to Fraser Health for the steps taken to ensure our well-being during and after the hospital stay. While the general population may criticize the health care system, they need to know that it is, by far, working. My husband is 70 while I am turning 70 this year.

These people were genuinely concerned for our well-being post surgery and post hospital.

There are many other support systems at Surrey Memorial Hospital. The meals were actually very nice. The hot food came nice and hot and the cold food, nice and cold. This can be attributed to those preparing and delivering the meals. Even the cafeteria where my family was able to purchase reasonably priced food was impressive for a hospital cafeteria.

Bravo to the volunteers meandering through the reception areas. I probably would still be lost in the maze were it not for them.

I hope I have not missed anyone who made our five-day ordeal bearable. We did not want to be there, but must say many people helped make our experience as good as it could be.


Roses and Rotten Tomatoes

A huge bouquet of roses to all of the staff at Surrey Memorial Hospital. I want to thank each and every one who helped my husband when he was diagnosed with a brain bleed. You kept a close eye on him and kept him comfortable. Also, I am grateful for the ambulance staff who rushed to our house and didn’t take lightly the unexplainable pain he was experiencing. Thank you all for returning my husband to me! (Surrey Now)

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