Our Fraser Centre team has been busy building awareness about the BC SUPPORT Unit and patient-oriented research and knowledge translation this fall, beginning with a presentation to the October faculty meeting for Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University.

Being the first meeting of the semester with the new Dean, the turnout was excellent. We shared an overview of the priorities of the BC SUPPORT Unit generally and the Fraser Centre specifically, with some examples of consultations conducted. The group was engaged and curious about leveraging the resources to support global and environmental health projects. Two consultation inquiries were submitted following that session.

In November, we hosted an information and networking session at the Abbotsford campus of the University of the Fraser Valley. The event included an hour of presentation covering the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research, the BC SUPPORT Unit, an introduction to patient-oriented research and engagement, a description of Fraser Centre services and opportunities, and a sampling of consultations completed with lots of opportunities for questions and discussion. Extra time was built in after the formal session for guests to connect with each other and individually with the Fraser Centre team. Three inquiries were submitted following that session. The Fraser Centre is planning similar events at other institutions in the region.

Finally, to connect with new researchers, Rableen and Lupin worked with patient partner Delia Cooper to create and present a guest lecture for a Faculty Health Sciences graduate course. The class feedback was unanimous - Delia stole the show with her storytelling and wealth of experience of being a patient partner on a variety of projects and initiatives. Based on a brief post-event evaluation, the class gained new knowledge around patient engagement and knowledge translation that they are considering applying in their future projects but many need more training to understand engagement possibilities throughout the research process. This feedback will help the Centre in planning future training sessions.

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