The BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre held its first community event to support patient-oriented research.

The Fraser Centre partnered with the BC Health Research Connection Project to host a community dialogue event to gather public input on the project’s new website that is being developed with the hopes that patients and the public can learn about, connect, and engage with health research.

Overall, the event was a success with over 15 members of the public providing input via display boards and small group discussions. The collected public feedback is informing the design of the website. Participants emphasized the importance of being accessible and inclusive so diverse communities can access the website and be represented in research.

Indeed, the team promoted the event to Hindi, Punjabi, and Cantonese speaking community members to explore potential differing needs on the site. Reaching out through media, temples, and service organizations had the additional effect of building connections between the Fraser Centre and local community organizations, such as, PICS, ICON and MOSAIC immigration services, Family Caregivers of BC and Community Action Initiative. While the South Asian community is often under-represented in health research these connections will contribute to improving engagement of all voices in patient-oriented research projects supported by the Fraser Centre.

Learn more about the BC Health Research Connection project.

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