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This week's high fives go to our amazing people at Abbotsford Regional Hospital, Burnaby Hospital, Eagle Ridge Hospital, Mission Memorial Hospital and Surrey Memorial Hospital.

I used Mission Memorial Hospital Emergency Room service on the morning of Sept 19. The staff was incredibly busy, but everyone from the emergency room physician, nurses, to the tech to the housekeeping lady made me feel that I was being well looked after. I can’t imagine the stress these people undergo, yet are still able to convey a caring attitude, well done, and thank-you.

On September 13 I was admitted to the Abbotsford Hospital, as I was in labour. I would just like to say how impressed I was with all the staff. I would like to thank Dr. Tuffnell and Chelsea the resident doctor for their awesome care and professionalism. I would also like to thank the nurses who were with me during labour, Parwinder and Lana. Parwinder was an amazing support and was with me all night. After delivery, Mandy did an awesome job taking care of me and was very knowledgeable. Janna was amazing and very personable. She did a great job taking care of me and my baby. The day I was admitted was a super busy one and I’m so grateful for how organized, professional and personable all the staff on the maternity ward are. Keep up the great work Abbotsford Hospital. I hope you pass along this praise to your hard working staff.

Best care ever! Eagle Ridge Hospital Saturday morning with visitors from Alberta, heading for an Alaska cruise. In an out in under two hours …white blood cell count drawn even before [personal] info finished [being taken], how great is that! Also, Dr. McCubbin was great.

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