High five

This week’s kudos go to our amazing employees at Delta, Eagle Ridge and Ridge Meadows Hospitals.

For Eagle Ridge Hospital

The staff were awesome. I found my stay pleasant – for being sick. The doctor that saw me was caring and kind, very professional and genuinely wanted to help me. He is awesome.

The nurses were also excellent. They work very well as a team and are friendly and caring. It was a positive experience. The one nurse that took my blood was awesome too, didn't feel a thing … Thank you. You all rock!

For Ridge Meadows Hospital

I have been an inpatient in Ridge Meadows Hospital many times in 2016 and 2017 for surgeries and blood transfusions. I am currently admitted to ward three west.

On August 27, a female janitor gowned and gloved up and masked up appropriately and entered my room to clean it. That was the first time I met Wendy.

She was incredibly upbeat and positive, chatting with me while she did an impeccable job of cleaning/disinfecting the surfaces, sweeping and washing the floor, among other cleaning duties. I was so impressed with her attention to protocol and her attention to detail in cleaning; taking such pride in a job very well done … Wendy was thorough, efficient, cheerful and compassionate and she made my day so much brighter for me just by giving me a clean room to recuperate in and making me feel like a special person … [she had] a smile and many kind words for me too.

In closing, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Wendy—thank you for being so great at your job. You made a difference in how I felt about the cleanliness of my room and this hospital in general. I truly believe that these smaller things are very important in successful patient healing and recovery.

Wendy, you’ve earned my appreciation and my respect. Keep up the great work!

For Delta Hospital

Delta Hospital high five

For Fraser Health

High five Fraser Health August 31

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