Many community pharmacies are providing free take home naloxone kits and training to eligible community members

Dear Colleagues,

Free Take Home Naloxone (THN) kits and training are available to:

  • People at risk of an opioid overdose

  • People likely to witness and respond to an opioid overdose such as a family member or friend of someone at risk

Many community pharmacies are providing free THN kits and training to eligible community members. A list of these community pharmacies is available for printing on the Toward the Heart website.

For patients at risk of overdose (and those likely to witness an overdose):

Refer patients to community pharmacies for free THN kits and training.

Where these pharmacies are not accessible for patients, family doctors with a significant caseload of patients at risk of overdose may contact their local Harm Reduction Coordinator to determine if they are eligible to become a THN distribution site.

Harm Reduction Coordinators:

For medical offices:

If your clinic wishes to have naloxone on site in case of an overdose in or near the building, visit your local pharmacy to purchase the naloxone and any supplies you may need to administer it. These pharmacies should also provide training on how to safely administer naloxone, according to guidance by the College of Pharmacists of BC in collaboration with the BC Centre for Disease Control.

A key part of the overdose response includes rescue breathing. Pharmacy-made kits may be useful as they provide syringes and breathing masks to support this response.


Aamir Bharmal, MD MPH CCFP FRCPC

Medical Health Officer

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