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This week's high fives go to our amazing people at Abbotsford Regional, Burnaby, Eagle Ridge and Ridge Meadows, and Surrey Memorial Hospitals.

Abbotsford Regional Hospital

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Burnaby General Hospital

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Eagle Ridge Hospital

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Ridge Meadows Hospital

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Surrey Memorial Hospital

Today was my first visit at Surrey Memorial Hospital ER. The first nurses at the front desk greeted me with a friendly gesture and a respectful manner. It was well organized how I was moved from one stage to another. Each stage the assigned nurse would check my blood pressure [and] then blood test. Nurses seemed to be in good spirits which provided assurance for a patient like me who was already frustrated with my health state and aches.

When I met the doctor whose name I can't remember, he treated me like a human being instead of a mere illness. He would acknowledge my understanding of my personal physical pain tolerance and explain to me with grace about what worst pain may feel like on other patients. This personal feedback helped me to understand that my pain is not abnormal and allowed me to gain peace with my current pain. The doctor patiently listened to all my inquiries and answered them with clarity. He also provided me with a comprehensive explanation on what's going on with my body so that I could visualize what I am fighting with and his information actually reduced my worries. Additionally, it puts what seemed an endless illness to a hopeful healing.

I also love the architecture of the ER entrance. The high ceiling really lifts up one's spirits. All those overflowing lights prior to [the] ER tunnel really helps me to have assurance of your ER team. Architecture does make a difference. Thank you for providing such a person-centred service. I am glad that I went. I gave it a try and gained the respect for your ER team. I would go back again and refer your ER team to others.

Thank you for being such a blessing in the community.

Over the last four days, we have had to go to the (Surrey Memorial Hospital) Emergency Department four times trying to stop a difficult and perpetual nose bleed. And during these visits, we were treated exceptionally well. At no time were we made to feel like they don’t care. My husband was the patient but they took the extra few minutes to check on my state as well during all of the goings on

I didn’t catch the name of the male nurse on Sunday night that assisted when my husband’s blood pressure dropped, but he not only got my husband comfortable and on IV fluids, but he took a few moments to reassure me that it would be ok.

We saw Dr. Peter Murray on Saturday, the absolutely amazing and persistent Dr. William Dick on Sunday night and Dr. Saad Ansari [on] Monday and Tuesday as a consultant. Thanks to a Dr. King taking our request on Monday for an ENT consult seriously.

Dr. Ansari was a godsend and finally managed to stop the bleeding. My husband endured no less than five treatments total

We were scared, uneasy and honestly at the end of our rope with this, so to have the staff treat us in the manner that they did made the whole thing a lot easier.

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