The BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre is launching a Patients Interested in Research group to support innovation, quality, and impact of health research.

Patients, members of the public with experience of, or interest in, the health care system or a health issue, and family or friend caregivers, are invited to attend the launch of the PIiR group. This inaugural meeting will help shape the direction of the group; in addition the event will include information about patient-oriented research and associated opportunities.

The preliminary vision for the PIiR group includes creating a space for members to hear about new projects and events, provide feedback and priority setting input on new research, and build a community of engaged and curious individuals to improve the quality and impact of health research for addressing patient priorities. The group will likely meet every other month via videoconference, with one face-to-face meeting yearly, with timely updates and queries via email. Members can choose their level of engagement based on interest and time.

To attend the meeting on January 31, 2018, 4:30-5:30 p.m., please RSVP to Rableen Nagra ( She will send you information on how to attend this online video and teleconference meeting.

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