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This week’s kudos go to our amazing employees at Royal Columbian Hospital, Burnaby General Hospital, Nicola Lodge and Surrey Memorial Hospital.

For Royal Columbian Hospital

I slipped off a roof and fell 12 feet, landing basically flat on my back on a short three-foot high wall with my tail bone taking the brunt of the impact. I thought going to Emergency to have someone give me the once over wouldn't be a bad idea. The ward was busy, but I got in to see someone in only two hours this time. I had the pleasure of having Dr. Laura Y Chng assigned to me, who gave me tests. She was very friendly, articulate, charming and informative about possible future issues from the injury and informed me of the risks of X-ray diagnostics. Thanks! 

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RCH Letter

For Nicola Lodge

Our beloved father passed away. On behalf of our family, we express our very deepest sincerest gratitude to the care workers, nurses and health staff of the COHO section of Nicola Lodge for their love and care. Your compassion and kindness will never be forgotten. 

For Burnaby General Hospital

I'd like to take a minute to acknowledge the staff at Burnaby General for the excellent care I received.  

I had been discharged from surgery in another health region, but was having challenges, so I attended Burnaby General’s emergency room.

The first person I spoke with, a triage nurse, was incredibly efficient and compassionate. She was able to problem-solve and get me off on SuperTrack to see an LPN. She was about to finish her shift but took the time to treat me and was very soothing and professional. She stayed until the job was done and went and got my mom from the waiting area and made sure I was handed off to the nurse properly.  My nurse Sam was also very friendly. Dr. Lee was good at explaining why I might be experiencing challenges. The rest of the team quickly helped to book me in for a follow-up.

I hope that this message reaches these team members. To receive such compassionate, correct, and efficient care at Burnaby General was fantastic. Each person went a little bit above and beyond and it showed. I will be contacting the Hospital's foundation today to set up a small donation based on this experience.

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For Surrey Memorial Hospital

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