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This week's high fives go to our amazing people at Burnaby and Surrey Memorial Hospitals and a seniors community clinic.

For Burnaby Hospital

Nurse Kelly Mah in the ER is literally the nicest nurse I’ve ever met. Such a busy job and high stress -- and yet always smiling [at Burnaby Hospital].

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For Surrey Memorial Hospital

I was brought to the ER at Surrey Memorial Hospital for a fractured ankle. I was so impressed by all the staff, from the paramedics to the doctor. I didn't catch everyone's names but I'd like to particularly thank Rob the nurse who took care of my son and me. He made me feel at ease and cared for.

I called the Health[LinkBC] nurse line at 8-1-1. I told her my symptoms and she told me I needed to call 9-1-1 or she would call 9-1-1. When the ambulance staff arrived, they took me to Surrey Memorial Hospital ER. Blood was taken [and] cardio was taken. Then I was moved to another part of the ER and my heart stopped.

I was quickly revived by the nurse who used chest compressions and others assisted. The doctor put a temporary pacemaker in me. My life was saved because of all the people who helped me through this.

My compliment is that every step of the way, every person I spoke to was so pleasant to me. I feel a need to say thank you to all involved and if there is a way to personally say thank you, I would like that as well.

For a seniors clinic

Please express my appreciation to Dr. Parr for the extra care and compassion she extended to my mother during a recent evaluation [at a seniors clinic] … Dr. Parr's attention to detail combined with her generosity of spirit, certainly helped us move through a potentially stressful meeting. Dr. Parr's approach is to be commended. Dr. Parr, thank you for your sensitivity.

Across Fraser Health

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