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This week's high fives go to our amazing people in our Pain Clinic, our South Asian Health Institute team, Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Peace Arch Hospital.

For the Pain Clinic

I wanted to comment on my care from your Pain Clinic. I’ve been coming to you for quite a few years in which I’ve received care from Dr. Twist and Dr. Ruth Ringland. Both doctors have literally saved my life. I had a pinched nerve which I had a friend drive me to the clinic for after suffering for four days and Dr. Ringland saw me on the spot. I was so grateful to Ruth. I only suffered a week. 

Last January my neck injury wasn't responding to the injections anymore and again I was beside myself with the worst horrific pain I've experienced. I had an accident 37 years ago. Dr. Twist set me up to get the ablation frequency treatment to my neck both sides. Well thanks again to Dr. Ringland, she performed this procedure and wow, I'm sleeping through the night which hasn't happened in decades. I'm on less painkillers and yes, I can think again. I owe these two my life. Forever grateful!

Thanks again for your Pain Clinic and having these most talented doctors. 

For Deljit Bains and South Asian Institute (SAHI) team

I attended one of the Futures Workshop on April 18, 2018 that was organized by the SAHI Department to gather input on the futuristic medical and health models from members of the South Asian community with various backgrounds.

I would really like to thank Deljit Bains and Fraser Health for starting the SAHI initiative to help address the chronic diseases that are facing the South Asian community at large. Diabetes and heart conditions are plaguing the South Asian community and preventative measures need to be introduced to help fight them. With the launch of various Sehat programs through the SAHI Department, it is really helping to educate our community members. I really commend the work that Deljit Bains' team is currently doing by reaching out to all the religious groups within the South Asian community to bring awareness of the impacts that these chronic diseases are having on the livelihood of our community members.

For Abbotsford Regional Hospital

I wanted to send a compliment about the care I witnessed while accompanying my mother to Abbotsford Regional Hospital’s ER. I saw competent and efficient care by everyone in the ER despite how busy it was that day. Beyond that good care, I witnessed one nurse  demonstrate significant compassion, respect and attention to care, safety and maintaining dignity for a number of complex individuals on her afternoon shift. Thank you Carol, LPN. I know that often as health care providers we hear the negatives but I wanted you to know that I really appreciated witnessing your skill and ability.

For Peace Arch Hospital

Published in the Peace Arch News.


I am addressing this letter to the wonderful staff at Peace Arch Hospital, to everyone including the ambulance people who so graciously came to my rescue at 7 a.m. on Feb. 24, after I fell at my home.
The lady’s name was Lisa, I think, and I never got the driver’s name. I was sort of in shock – pain was beyond belief.

There are so many wonderful people who took care of me. A special lady named Maria or Mariann – she was wonderful and assured me I would walk again, she would make sure of that. As they moved me to different floors, I lost contact.

My physio people – Carl, Rose and a spare fellow named Mark – got me on my feet and I never looked back. Thank you all.

Special greeting to kitchen staff who brought my meals, especially my two cups of coffee every morning.

To all staff, my heartfelt thanks.

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