High five

This week's kudos are for our amazing teams at Royal Columbian and Surrey Memorial Hospitals.

For Royal Columbian Hospital

I was in Royal Columbian Hospital for open heart surgery. I’d like to share an overview of the experience with you…The teamwork, professionalism and kindness of the people working in 2 South…I want you to know about. 

It was an absolute joy to see nurses and other care workers (from every shift) cheerfully offer to help each other when the need arose…It was a delight for me to be in an environment where employees looked out for and supported each other in the name of patient care. The vast majority of my experience was incredibly positive. I wonder if they know how subtly but profoundly that cooperation and teamwork can impact the patients. It sure impressed me, but beyond that, it made me feel … safer somehow. In an environment where it feels like everything has changed, from breathing to getting out of bed, that feeling of safety is paramount. I am so grateful to them all.

The humanity and professionalism of so many of your people was inspiring, and deeply appreciated…While this is definitely a pat on the back for the work you’re doing to foster the environment that I found myself in for two weeks, it is also a profound acknowledgement of the effort, professionalism, determination, expertise and care of all the people I came across on 2 South, From the surgeon, Dr. Latham, to each nurse, from the social worker to the each person focused on patient care, from the housekeepers to the porters, they held my life in their hands, one way or another, every day. They are where the proverbial rubber hits the road. Thank you for helping them do their job to support patients like me now and in the future.

Royal Columbian Hospital high five

For Surrey Memorial Hospital

Surrey Memorial Hospital high five
Surrey Memorial Hospital NICU high five

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