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The week's kudos go to our amazing employees at Burnaby, Royal Columbian and Peace Arch Hospitals.

For Burnaby Hospital

While on a sightseeing trip to Vancouver last month, my 83-year-old father fell sick unexpectedly and was rushed to the Emergency in Burnaby Hospital. There, his condition deteriorated after a couple of hours or so. At that point the doctor there (Dr. Chao) and his supporting staff took such great care that by early morning, his condition was somewhat stabilized, enough to shift him to the ICU.

In those early hours that day in the Emergency ward, I got to see first-hand how my dad's health took an unexpected turn for worse, and how quickly and ably Dr. Chao and the support staff responded! For 3-4 hours that night they worked with my father on a continuous basis. The way I experienced it, I saw life slipping away from my father, and Dr. Chao worked hard to bring his life back! I will be eternally grateful to him for his care that night!

Subsequently my father ended up spending almost five days in the ICU in the hospital. When he was in the ICU, once again he got excellent care, from the doctors (Dr. Kwan and Dr. Min Simon), and the nurses (Erin, Kaitlyn, Emily, Grace, Sue, and Arash). Dad was found to be infected with pneumonia, and he was treated for that accordingly. He was discharged from the ICU, we took him to our temporary accommodation in Burnaby, and flew back to home as per original plan.

He has been recovering at home ever since, he has almost returned to his normal activities and schedule now.

In summary, through this feedback I would like to once again offer my sincerest thanks and gratitude to the doctors and the support staff at Burnaby Hospital for treating my dad with such great care! In particular, I would like to recognize Dr. Chao, Dr. Kwan, Dr. Min Simon, and the ICU nurses Erin, Kaitlyn, Emily, Grace, Sue and Arash. 

For Royal Columbian Hospital

My mum visited the ER on Sunday. She was wheezy and quite confused and hadn’t slept well for a few days (which adds to the issue.) I wanted to extend sincere thanks to all the staff that were so efficient and kind to her while she was there. I really appreciated how thoughtful they were, and how thorough!  

Even though many tests were run, we were in and out in under six hours! I am sure you often hear the negative feedback, just wanted to make sure you heard some positive feedback too!
Thanks to her nurse Estelle, and Drs Bennett Cheung and Dr Athaidi!

For Peace Arch Hospital

Peace Arch Hospital Review and Kudos - Google - October, 2018

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