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This week's high fives go to our amazing people in our Burnaby Hospital, Langley Integrated Network of Care Program, Peace Arch Hospital, Ridge Meadows Hospital and Surrey Memorial Hospital.

For Burnaby Hospital

I was at the Burnaby Hospital Day Surgery Unit for a day surgery procedure. My experience with all staff at Burnaby Hospital was wonderful and supportive from entry to exit. 

The admission process was easy and off I went up to 4th Floor. I was prepared and off to surgery on time.

I had the best team of nurses from pre-op (Joan), surgery (Mary), recovery (Renata) and back to daycare (Wendy). Surgery is scary and unknown to most of us (for sure I was nervous), but the support, compassion and professionalism I received from these four nurses helped me so much to be calm and very well-cared for. 

The longest period I spent at Burnaby Hospital was in recovery post-surgery and I was so fortunate to have had Renata as my nurse. She was amazing to me. She assured me, she directed me and she took great care of me. 

These nurses worked hard and never stopped during the entire time I was at Burnaby Hospital. I want to say thank you to each of them for the excellent work they do.

My experience with Burnaby Hospital yesterday was outstanding. 

It was clear that staff work from a patient-focused approach. I am home recuperating at this time and felt it was important as part of my recovery to acknowledge the wonderful care I received.

Thanks so much.

For Langley Integrated Network of Care Program (LINC)

Dear Shannon [Ediger, Project Planning Leader, Langley Health Services], 

I would like to thank you, your team of professionals and Fraser Health for initiating the [Langley Integrated Network of Care Program (LINC)] program in our 55+ community of Pioneer Park on 0 Avenue in Aldergove…Seniors in the past…though pain was part of aging. Now they are told if they are proactive with their health, they could live longer and healthier….After the LINC team assesses the senior, they now have a clearer picture of what they can do to possibly improve their health. You cannot put a value on the hope that this gives a person! 

I receive calls often from Pioneer Park members who have been helped by the LINC program. I hear an excitement about their future with a plan going forward of what can be done to improve their quality of life…Thank you again Shannon, to you and your amazing team for a job well done.

For Peace Arch Hospital

I had an appointment for a breathing test and had the most fantastic nurse who performed the tests. 

She was extremely polite and kind and made the procedure much easier and fun since she had a sense of humour. 

She was the best and I just wanted to let you know.

We all often just send in complaints but I wanted to congratulate you on your extremely professional nursing staff and for making us as patients relaxed and cared for.

Thank you very much.

For Ridge Meadows Hospital

I just want to give a shout out and a big thank you to Ridge Meadows Hospital. From the emergency, IV therapy treatment, surgery department and the 3rd floor post care. I had my gallbladder removed suddenly. All staff were professional and courteous. 

Hello, I would like to relay my appreciation to the hard working team at the Hand Therapy Clinic in Ridge Meadows Hospital. Dr. Patel was very straightforward, honest and professional and I appreciated his attitude and expertise with my injury. Viktor (the therapist), went above and beyond helping me with my injury and explaining methods of therapy and the mechanics of the hand and why we were doing what we were doing. I found it very helpful to understand the reasons in doing what we were doing. He took the extra effort to give me information about services closer to my home (I was travelling 45 minutes to get to my appointments) and he was always pleasant and had a smile on his face. He has such a very wonderful attitude, very courteous, professional and very respectful towards Dr. Patel and all the patients I was in contact with. 

Some of the other patients and I were in the waiting area and talked about this from time to time, and we all agreed that he is a very good man, cares about people and loves his job. On my way out of my last appointment with Dr. Patel, Viktor stopped me and gave me final instructions for the future of my hand health, something he didn't need to do, but that is the kind of person he is. There was another person that opened up the clinic in the mornings, but I didn't get her name. She was a nurse in the therapy ward I think. She also always had a smile on her face and took the time to say good morning to all of us sitting waiting for the doctor.

It is so nice to see people enjoy their jobs and pass on the positives to the patients, I hope that this sentiment will be passed on to them and their supervisors.

For Surrey Memorial Hospital

Jean Brayford Surrey Memorial High Five

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