Swas Narayan, Infection & Control Practitioner
Submitted by Stephanie Bale, Senior Communications Consultant, Communications and Public Affairs

"Epidemiology is my passion. It’s fascinating how a tiny bug can cause destruction to the human body.”

“I once discovered a disease cluster on a pediatric ward working as a physician in Fiji. I was awestruck by our team’s response to isolate babies and eradicate the infection. The film Outbreak starring Dustin Hoffman is science fiction to some – to me, the threat of widespread epidemic outbreak is real.

Epidemiology is my passion. It’s fascinating how a tiny bug can cause destruction to the human body. I investigate disease outbreaks; being curious by nature helps with this work. My job involves surveillance of hospital acquired infections. My peers and I train staff in infection prevention. We teach how to conduct patient history screenings to identify and isolate contagions like C. diff, Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms, tuberculosis and influenza.

I’m from Fiji. I immigrated to Canada to join my husband. I have a Masters in Public Health from SFU. A practicum job at the BC Centre for Disease Control led me to my current job. I love cooking, gardening and meditation. My future includes worrying less about things outside my realm of control and building up the courage to conquer the Abby Grind.”

-- Swas Narayan, Infection Prevention & Control Practitioner

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