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This week’s high fives go to our amazing people at Delta Hospital, Burnaby Hospital, Peace Arch Hospital and Langley Memorial Hospital.

Want to send a high five to your health care provider or Fraser Health team member? Leave a comment below or email feedback@fraserhealth.ca.

For Delta Hospital

I was in the Delta Hospital for a surgery. Dr. Segal was my surgeon and I cannot express my thanks to his character and professionalism. His level of expertise, personal interest and listening skills exceed above what I have experienced these days in the medical field. He also takes the time to make sure his patient isn’t being rushed out the door. His office staff are efficient and polite to deal with as well.

Big time thank you to the two ladies in post recovery – Simmi and Sukhdeep. Thank you to all – I really appreciate you. 

For Burnaby Hospital 

The male social worker at Burnaby Hospital was kind and compassionate. I appreciated his professionalism and genuine care. He is a wonderful person to have in the social work field.

I felt much better when I arrived home and with some very useful information that I’d not had prior that could greatly assist the challenges I’m facing at present.

For Peace Arch Hospital 

On June 15 I visited the ER at Peace Arch Hospital with my son after he fell and broke his chin. Both the doctor and the nurse I encountered in the emergency room, as well as reception, were very professional and did a fantastic job. The doctor and nurse were excellent in treating my son and they showed a great deal of care and professionalism.

Just wanted to commend the staff at Peace Arch on this day for their hard work!

For Langley Memorial Hospital 

I am from Vancouver Island but am currently staying here. I was experiencing considerable pain so I went to the Langley Memorial Hospital Emergency Department. While it was busy, it was being well-managed and everybody, including the patients, were calm. I immediately saw the clerk and was referred to the Triage nurse (she was calm, and thorough, and she inspired confidence) and ordered a number of tests. I went through the doors and got the tests, then was ushered into what I found out was the fast track area. 

A very reassuring and professional  nurse whose first name is Dawson, and a very thorough Dr. Higginson, worked together to ultimately determine that I had a grossly inflamed gallbladder and the doctor recommended that it be removed. 

Both Dawson and the initial triage nurse came to wish us well as they went off shift. 

I was admitted and advised that a surgeon would be to see me later that day. Dr. Lan Vu came to see me late morning. That evening I was being prepped for surgery and had the procedure. The surgeon, anaesthetist, and head nurse in the OR all took time to explain what would be happening and to answer my questions. 

After, I was brought back to unit and was warmly and professionally greeted by my assigned nurse, Britt. She cared for me throughout the night. What I liked about Britt was the care she took to explain things to me in a way that I understood and was able to see the relevance to my life and circumstance. She also took the time to wish me well as she headed out at the end of her shift. 

There were many personal interactions with a number of individuals throughout my hospital encounter, but these are a few that will hopefully illustrate how well I found the system to work, and the difference that the people make.

Thank you. 


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