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This week’s kudos go to our amazing employees at Abbotsford Mental Health, Burnaby and Eagle Ridge hospitals, Langley Public Health Hearing Clinic, the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinic in New Westminster, Royal Columbian and Surrey Memorial hospitals and the George Derby Centre.

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For Abbotsford Mental Health

I manage a 24-hour staffed residence for some young women, one of whom is on Dr Khan’s caseload at Abbotsford Mental Health. Both the patient and the staff consistently find Dr. Khan to be a pleasure to work with. He has a gentle manner, is never rushed and always canvasses everyone’s opinion (both the patient and the accompanying staff) to ensure that he is getting all the information. He is very encouraging but has realistic expectations for his patients and is willing to meet them where they’re at. Dr Khan is extremely professional, caring, supportive and understanding.

For Burnaby General Hospital

I visited Burnaby Hospital for a day surgery. I want to say that all the people from the Admitting Desk, Pre-op, Post-op and all members of the surgical team were all very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about my procedure. I had the feeling that their number one job was to look after me and make me comfortable.

Thanks for the great experience.

For Eagle Ridge Hospital

I had a Bunionectomy with Dr. Pelletier performing the surgery. From the moment I entered the hospital throughout the Registration, Admitting, Surgical, Recovery Room and Surgical Daycare processes, I received the utmost wonderful care from everyone whom I had contact with.  The nurses were kind, compassionate and extremely professional; as was my anesthetist and of course, Dr. Pelletier.  I would love to name all of the nurses but I am afraid that I may miss someone, and that would be unfortunate.

Such warm and lovely people! These individuals are a credit to their professions and to your hospital. Thank you so very much!

For Langley Public Health Hearing Clinic

High five for Langley Public Health Hearing Clinic

For the Pulmonary Rehab Clinic in New Westminster

I would like Fraser Health to know of the excellent care shown by the team at this clinic. The encouragement and upbeat supportive atmosphere of this clinic goes a long way in improving our health.

The exercises are excellent and at a pace that all of us can maintain and improve upon.

The monitoring of our oxygen levels and pulse rate during exercise gives one a feeling of confidence. I had a hard time keeping my oxygen levels in the safe zone, and the nurses insisted I stop and rest when they saw my levels dropping. They never made me feel bad for my poor performance and explained to me it is the nature of the disease. I am early in my discovery as to what level I am capable of achieving when exercising. The team really cares for the participants and want all of us to improve as much as we can at our own pace.

The education portion is excellent. The team answers all of our questions and we are encouraged to talk to them privately if we have a private concern.

I was impressed with the final report given to all participants at the end of the eight week program. Again, the team was instrumental in suggesting in my final report that I would benefit from supplemental oxygen when exercising. My doctor received the report from the team and I received my initial supply two days later.

So far, I have been very impressed with the program and the B.C. medical profession (Fraser Health) in the excellent care I have received.

Thank you for running such an excellent program.

For Royal Columbian Hospital

Royal Columbian Hospital high five

For Surrey Memorial Hospital

Surrey Memorial Hospital emergency department high five
Surrey Memorial Hospital pharmacy high five

Just wanted to take a minute out and send a quick comment regarding Dr Innes who I saw at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

She was absolutely fantastic! She listened, explained things and genuinely seemed to care about her patients in the ER.

I’m overall very impressed with how well the Surrey Memorial Hospital ER is being run! All the staff are doing a great job and the fast track system is being run splendidly from what I’ve seen in the few times we’ve had to use the ER.

For George Derby Centre

My wife was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2006 and Alzheimer’s in 2014. Both diseases progressed to the point where I could not manage her care at home even with significant assistance from contract nurses and Fraser Health Home Services. She was admitted to the George Derby Centre for long term care in Burnaby.

I attended her daily except for one break in the summer of 2018. I was there from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. every day until she died peacefully, so I was able to observe the workings closely. For the two years that she lived at the George Derby Centre, my wife received excellent care and I want to acknowledge this and thank the hundred or so staff members who looked after her in the Main North Wing. These employees are dedicated, hard-working, qualified people who provide a cheerful, loving environment for the residents.

In a large facility housing 300 residents, there are many tasks to perform daily. The George Derby Centre is kept spotlessly clean, meals are cooked and served on time, care attendants are busy and attentive, nurses and doctors handle medical needs, several staff members lead activity or entertainment duties, volunteers assist where they can and management holds it all together, keeping a sharp eye out and taking corrective action when any problem arises.
The staff members are both cheerful and loving. I’m sure they take justifiable pride in their work. Training and self-improvement are everyday functions.

In short, the B.C. Government and Fraser Health, the Board and Management of the George Derby Centre should all be very satisfied with the services that the staff members provide. The facility itself is bright, with many windows looking out on wooded areas.

In any case, this note of praise is intended to say thank you to the many people who helped my wife live at the George Derby Centre for the past two years.

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