Peter Matino, Cardiac Exercise Therapist, Burnaby Hospital

“I love my job – it’s been 21 years; I’m still inspired and learning from my patients."

“I’m part of Burnaby Hospital’s dedicated Healthy Heart team. I provide heart health education and lifestyle counselling for patients recovering from things like heart attacks. We take a peer-to-peer approach – it’s a great way to boost mental, emotional and social wellness. I love my job – it’s been 21 years; I’m still inspired and learning from my patients.

I grew up in Vancouver’s east end. Some of my fondest childhood times were hot summer days in August – we sold parking spots to PNE patrons. We’d shout “parking” “parking” to vehicles driving up the block. We had quite the business racket going. Those were great early years.

I talk a lot about family – I’m a father of two. I love food, gardening and making wine with my brothers and friends. My fondest memories are of visiting uncles in Italy during the autumn harvest. Listening to accordion music, I watched the ancient tradition of grape stomping. The music would stop and a nod from the player signaled the next stomper to begin. My wife and I joined everyone that night for a memorable harvest dinner amongst the grapes.”

-- Peter Matino, Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Healthy Heart Program, Burnaby Hospital

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