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This week's high fives go to our amazing people at Surrey Memorial Hospital, Royal Columbian Hospital, the Ridge Meadows Urgent and Primary Care Centre and Eagle Ridge Hospital.

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For Surrey Memorial Hospital 

A shout out to the Pediatric Emergency Department at Surrey Memorial Hospital for the excellent care my daughter received there this week. She is fine. So privileged to have a dedicated Pediatric emergency department in our community. Thank you Fraser Health for this model of care.

For Royal Columbian Hospital

On behalf of my mother, my siblings and our family and friends, I'd like to thank the Royal Columbian Hospital staff for the care given to my father during his many hospital stays over a six month period between May and September 2020.  

We'd like to extend our warm thanks to all the Royal Columbian Hospital team members that participated in his care. Unfortunately, there are too many to remember or even know given the numerous visits he had and extent of care he required.

While my parents and I do donate regularly to the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation, we cannot begin to properly thank or pay back what it took to keep my dad as comfortable and healthy as possible.

Please accept this note as our sincere and warm gratitude and thanks to all staff involved in caring for my dad and helping our family through this difficult journey.

For Ridge Meadows Urgent and Primary Care Centre

I went to the Haney place mall Urgent and Primary Care location. I was impressed with the intake experience as well as the cleanliness. I was led into a treatment room the minute I entered and a nurse did an initial consultation. She reviewed my point of care letter and then the doctors came.

Compared to some walk-in and emergency room experiences I have had this was by far the best. Just the fact that they read my point of care letter was huge. Thank you Fraser Health for giving your Maple Ridge clientele a clean, patient-oriented Urgent Care facility.

For Eagle Ridge Hospital

I am just a week removed from being brought into Eagle Ridge Hospital for what was an ultimately arterial blockage in my heart. I ended up being in your hospital for four days and nights and received exemplary care my entire stay. I would like to specifically thank Dr. Julia Morley who provided me professional and courteous care throughout the week.

Dr. Morley and the entire Eagle Ridge Hospital team helped me to understand what had happened and ensured that I was treated and able to return home as quickly as possible. I count myself very fortunate to have the care that I needed right around the corner at my local community hospital. Thank you Dr. Morley and thank you Eagle Ridge Hospital.

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