Kathy Boettcher at Langley Memorial
Kathy Boettcher stands outside the area currently under construction that will become the new larger emergency department at Langley Memorial Hospital.

“We are so excited about what we’ll deliver to our community.”

To say that Kathy Boettcher is looking forward to the completion of the emergency department expansion project at Langley Memorial Hospital would be an understatement. Kathy, the department’s nurse educator, cannot hide her excitement at what the changes will mean for patients, families, physicians and employees at the hospital.

“Our team is so excited for the new spaces, and the new resources this will bring. We can’t wait to move in,” says Kathy. ”With separate spaces for patients needing specialized care, along with new technology, patients will be moved to the care they need and have the comfort of a private space for conversations with physicians.”

Kathy is talking about the design of the new emergency registration and triage area to better identify and coordinate care for patients from the moment they arrive. The addition of a dedicated waiting and treatment area for children and their families, and a separate area for mental health and substance use patients will provide a safe and welcoming environment.

Kathy Boettcher at Langley MemorialKathy describes the standardized model of care that was developed and implemented in emergency departments across Fraser Health as important for the delivery of efficient, quality care.  Referred to as the “zone model”, the process  allows the emergency intake team to move patients based on their chief complaint and level of care required to the right place to receive the most appropriate care. This includes designated areas for pediatric and mental health.  The purpose-built layout of the new emergency department will better enable this model of care by providing the specialized areas and the necessary supports to provide patients with the right care in the right place.  

The expansion of the Langley Memorial Hospital emergency department and additional upgrades are part of Fraser Health’s commitment to modernize our health care network, build capacity and improve timely access to quality, patient-centred care closer to home.

Learn more about this project and check out the latest construction photos on the Langley Memorial Hospital emergency department expansion and upgrades page.

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