A staff member of Delta View Care Centre was diagnosed with COVID-19.

The Delta View Care Centre is owned by Good Samaritan. This is the second long term care facility in Fraser Health with a staff member to test positive, yesterday we announced a positive case in a health care worker at Dufferin Care Centre. No additional transmission has occurred at this time.

Comprehensive control measures have been put in place at Delta View Care Centre. Both long term care facilities have SWAT teams in place that include an infection control practitioner, public health, clinical support and patient care quality officer to rapidly address quality and communication issues and actively check symptoms in staff and residents. Furthermore, Fraser Health has directed long term care staff currently working at Delta View Care Centre not to work at any other facility.

In addition to these two facilities that are affected by COVID-19, Fraser Health is implementing the following measures in partnership with Ministry of Health:

  • Temporarily suspend inter-facility transfers, except in circumstances of intolerable risk, until further notice and ensure clients’ place on the wait list for transfer is maintained during the suspension of transfers;
  • Prioritize admissions to long-term care from acute care over those from community where possible;
  • Temporarily suspend all health authority operated/funded home & community Care (HCC) adult day programs.
  • Temporarily suspend the provision of in-facility respite, except in circumstances of intolerable risk.

In addition to these measures, Medical Health Officer Dr. Martin Lavoie will issue a Public Health Order to all licensed long-term care facilities in the Fraser Health region. The Order aims to help prevent the further spread of COVID-19 in long-term care homes and protect the health of vulnerable seniors.

Under the Public Health Act, Medical Health Officers are given powers to enact and enforce such Orders.

The Public Health Order will include:

  • Restrict visitors to only essential visits through single controlled entrance point where a screening person is present;
  • Carry out screening of all visitors including contractors prior to entering the facility;
  • Actively screen all staff and residents twice daily for symptoms;
  • All symptomatic staff and essential visitors will not be allowed to enter the facility;
  • All symptomatic residents will be tested and immediately isolated;
  • Train all staff and residents of infection control guidelines and adhere to the guidelines;
  • Cease group activities in the facility and community;
  • Perform enhanced cleaning twice a day;
  • Maximize separation of residents while dinning;
  • Facilities are required to prepare staffing plans to ensure on going patient care;
  • Require all facilities to submit an implementation plan that prohibits long-term care staff and volunteers (with the exception of physicians, paramedics and laboratory technicians) from working at more than one health care facility; and
  • Facilities need to proactively plan and prepare for adequate supplies.

Fraser Health will be actively monitoring compliance of this Public Health Order by having on site presence across all of our long term care facilities.

Fraser Health is also asking the public to also do their part, which includes staying home when you are sick and social distancing – such as staying home and at least two metres away from others – to help reduce virus transmission.

For more information on COVID-19 and steps being taken to reduce its impact, visit www.fraserhealth.ca/covid19.

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