Two children passing a utensil over a thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving is almost here and this year while we are deciding between pumpkin or pecan pie, we need to decide how to celebrate Thanksgiving safely. 

Thanksgiving is an important time of year for connecting with our family and friends however this year, because of COVID-19, we need to rethink how to connect with one another as many transmission events are tied to social gatherings. 

This means we need celebrate differently to keep everyone safe. We need take special care to physically distance ourselves from older family members and friends or people with underlying health conditions, as they are more at risk for complications from COVID-19. Instead, have dinner with the people who already live in your household and use virtual options to connect with other loved ones. 

And remember to practice good COVID sense and follow the COVID-19 safety measures, which include staying home when you are sick, keeping a two-metre distance from those outside your home, regular hand-washing and cleaning of frequently touched surfaces. 

Be safe and enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrations.

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