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This week's high fives go to our amazing people at Burnaby Hospital, Surrey Memorial Hospital, Poirier Forum Coquitlam COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic, Royal Columbian Hospital and Surrey 66 COVID-19 Testing and Immunization Centre.

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For Burnaby Hospital

Thank you to Tammy, Erma and all the nurses who were very sweet, pleasant and caring. I haven't had to be in a hospital for years and you all made it easier. Thank you so much for everything.

For Poirier Forum Coquitlam COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

I would like to compliment all the volunteers, Fraser Health staff and Air Canada employees at the Poirier Forum Coquitlam COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic. You ran an excellent, well organized and very professional operation! I received my Pfizer vaccine and I am very grateful and appreciative to all the workers who made it possible and a success! Kudos to all and keep up your lifesaving work.

For Surrey Memorial Hospital

The operation staff were fantastic, each and every one. Thanks!

For Surrey Memorial Hospital

I was admitted to Surrey Memorial Hospital with a case of COVID-19. I spent 12 days in the ICU, followed by seven days in a medical ward. I was discharged thereafter. I want to express my sincere thanks to the medical, nursing and support staff for the care I received and for bringing me back to better health. I appreciate the difficult and challenging work you do.

For Royal Columbian Hospital

Thank you to the kind nurse in the emergency department on night shift when we came in with our newborn. His calm demeanour and reassuring attitude allowed a very panicked mom to relax and for our baby to receive the care he needed. Your hard work and experience do not go unnoticed and we are grateful to have you as such a strong pillar in our community. Thank you!

For Royal Columbian Hospital

I was just discharged from Royal Columbian Hospital and wish to express my sincere appreciation and commendation to all involved: the admission staff, the surgery team, led by Dr. Lee, and the surgical recovery and patient ward staff. All staff members I encountered were consistently courteous, professional and caring. Collectively you have provided a level of care to be proud of!

For Royal Columbian Hospital

We took our son to Royal Columbian Hospital. He received amazing care from Dr. Woods and Nurse Karen. Thank you.

For Surrey 66 COVID-19 Testing and Immunization Centre

Thanks to Mandy for helping me with my vaccine record. Your service went above and beyond.

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