People in Surrey are a step closer to having increased access to inpatient renal care now that a business plan has been approved for a new renal hemodialysis unit at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

“More treatment stations mean less waiting time and more opportunities for care for patients facing the hardship of kidney disease,” said Premier David Eby. “This new facility addresses a critical health-care need, and ensures that people in Surrey can get comprehensive, compassionate care in the community that will enhance their quality of life.”

Planning and site preparation is underway with construction set to begin in August 2024.

“We’re investing in life-saving renal services in Surrey because the population is growing rapidly and, currently, people sometimes need to travel to other communities for their dialysis,” said Adrian Dix, Minister of Health. “The approval of the business plan for a hemodialysis renal centre at the Surrey Memorial Hospital demonstrates our continued commitment to improving health services for patients in Surrey and south of the Fraser.”

Located on the northwestern corner of Surrey Memorial Hospital’s campus, the new stand-alone unit is expected to open in 2025. The unit will feature state-of-the-art equipment and will expand the hospital’s capacity to treat patients with kidney disease by adding 21 new renal hemodialysis stations, bringing the total at Surrey Memorial Hospital to 60. The unit will operate seven days a week and will complement existing in-hospital renal units.

“This new facility will bring increased access to essential, life-sustaining care, which will make a big difference to hemodialysis patients whose daily activities are so dependent upon the availability of appointments,” said Jacqueline Sim, a hemodialysis patient, Fraser Health. “The renal staff and medical staff in Surrey have provided me with fantastic care and I’m grateful their services will be expanded to support more hemodialysis patients in this community.”

In addition to supporting patients in the Surrey community, the inpatient renal hemodialysis unit at Surrey Memorial Hospital functions as one of three regional hubs that supports patients in communities across the region. These hubs are part of Fraser Health’s regional renal strategy to provide a better experience for renal patients and their families.

The estimated capital cost of this project is $85 million, with $84 million funded by the Province, and $1 million by the Surrey Hospitals Foundation.

This announcement builds on the 30 actions announced in June 2023 to improve health services for patients, while better supporting health-care workers at the Surrey Memorial Hospital. In March 2024, the Province announced the start of decanting for two new cardiac catheterization suites and a second interventional radiology suite that will be located on the third floor in the Critical Care Tower at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

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To learn more about the new cardiac catheterization suites and interventional radiology suites at Surrey Memorial Hospital, visit:

To learn about the June 2023 announcement regarding actions to improve health-care services in Surrey, visit:

To learn about the progress on the short-, medium- and long-term efforts underway to support patients and health-care workers in Surrey, visit:

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What people are saying about upcoming renal building at Surrey hospital 

Mike Starchuk, MLA for Surrey-Cloverdale –

“We’re taking action and improving health services and the well-being of people in Surrey and surrounding areas. By approving the business plan for the new renal hemodialysis unit at Surrey Memorial Hospital and increasing the total number of stations to 60, we’re helping to address the health-care needs of our growing population.”

Jagrup Brar, MLA for Surrey-Fleetwood –

“Providing renal care services here in Surrey will give patients the treatment they need close to home. Thanks to our government’s actions, people will save money, travel time and benefit from the support of family and loved ones.”

Rachna Singh, MLA for Surrey-Green Timbers –

“This is a big step toward improved renal care for people with kidney disease or at risk of developing it. People in Surrey will have more proactive, accessible and patient-centred approach to managing kidney health leading to better health outcomes and an enhanced quality of life for community members.”

Garry Begg, MLA for Surrey-Guildford –

“The new renal care facility reflects our government’s commitment to people in Surrey as we address a critical need in the community. This facility will not only provide care to people battling kidney diseases but also offer hope and support to patients and their loved ones through the highest levels of compassionate care.”

Harry Bains, MLA for Surrey-Newton –

“The new renal hemodialysis unit at Surrey Memorial Hospital is going to help thousands of patients living in Surrey access the life-saving renal services they need faster and closer to home, making a real difference in their lives. This is yet another step towards bettering health-care access for people in the region, and I’m proud to see this work move ahead.”

Jinny Sims, MLA for Surrey-Panorama –

“Expanding renal care at Surrey Memorial Hospital is a huge step toward ensuring people in our community have access to the care they need. Surrey has grown exponentially over the years, and we are in critical need of more health-care services. I’m looking forward to the positive impact this action will have on our community and patient outcomes.”

Bruce Ralston, MLA for Surrey-Whalley –

“By bringing essential kidney care services closer to home, we ensure patients receive the right care at the right time. This will reduce the burden of long-distance travel for specialized treatment. This is a significant step towards improving the quality of life through timely health-care access for our people and boost their physical and mental well-being.”

Ravi Kahlon, MLA for Delta North –

“A new renal facility is big news for the area and it means people will be able to get kidney treatment with the latest cutting-edge technology. This investment, along with all of the other health-care actions we are taking, will make a significant difference in people’s lives.”

Dr. Victoria Lee, president and CEO, Fraser Health –

“This new facility in the heart of Surrey will be life changing for renal patients and their families, supporting them to access care closer to home. With this expansion hundreds of additional patients will have peace of mind that care is there when they need it. I would like to extend my gratitude to our dedicated care teams at Fraser Health, Surrey Memorial Hospital and in the Surrey community for their compassionate care to patients, clients and their families.”

Dr. Bradford Strijack, head of the division of nephrology, Surrey Memorial Hospital –

“This innovative new facility will make a big difference to local patients with chronic kidney disease. We know comfort is key for our patients, given that hemodialysis can require three or more half-day sessions per week. With this new dedicated space, we can ensure patients have a better experience during their visits, closer to their homes and families.”

Nicole Robson, president and CEO, Surrey Hospitals Foundation –

“I am pleased to see continued progress on the new renal hemodialysis unit at Surrey Memorial Hospital, a vital step in meeting the increasing demand for specialized care in Surrey and south-of-the-Fraser region. This milestone, made possible by our unwavering supporters, dedicated community, committed hospital staff and partnership with Fraser Health, signifies progress toward addressing the critical and expanding needs of our community.”

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