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This week’s moments of gratitude go to our incredible people at Abbotsford Regional Hospital, Burnaby Hospital, the Embrace Clinic, the Mission Urgent and Primary Care Centre, Peace Arch Hospital and the Surrey-Whalley Urgent and Primary Care Centre.

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For Abbotsford Regional Hospital

Our eight-year-old daughter fell off the monkey bars after school and I had to take her to the Abbotsford Regional Hospital Emergency Department as her elbow was starting to swell. We got to the Emergency Department around 4 p.m., fully prepared to wait as we understand how busy the Emergency Department can get. We were quickly registered, seen by the triage nurse and moved to Zone 4 to await being assessed by the doctor. The nurses during this time were amazing.

In Zone 4, having a TV, coloring for kids and other things for kids to do while they wait is an amazing idea; it distracted my daughter from her arm for a little bit. Dr. Melnychuk was the emergency department doctor during our stay and he was wonderful, kind, attentive, discreet and just amazing with kids and their parents. He did a quick assessment of our daughter and sent us for X-rays. After the X-ray, he came back in less than five minutes and discreetly mouthed to me, "It's not good. She's going to need surgery," so only I could see what he was saying. My daughter was distracted by Paw Patrol on the TV and didn't hear him. I truly appreciated this, as even though my daughter was being very brave and hadn't cried at all, this news would have triggered some emotions in her. He put a temporary cast on my daughter, he separately explained to me what had happened, what kind of fracture it was, showed me the X-ray pictures and told me that the surgeon will come talk to us.

During our wait I also noticed Dr. Melnychuk with the other patients. The Emergency Department was pretty busy but he took his time with each of the kids talking to them, joking and laughing with them. There was a South Asian mother with her daughter, and he spoke with them in fluent Punjabi. For someone to take time and learn the language so he can communicate with his patients in a language they are comfortable with is just remarkable and a great example of going above and beyond. I am so grateful that Dr. Melnychuk was the one that was there during our stay. Thank you again so very much for your care, we truly appreciated it.

Dr. Wang was the surgeon who came to see us after. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do surgery on that day as my daughter had had something to eat and drink; he explained to us we could either stay or go home and we would get a call the next day. After consulting with Dr. Melnychuk, we decided to go home. I asked Dr. Wang if we could get a phone number for the surgical unit to call in case we did not hear back from them the next day. He was very patient and understanding, he did not have the number with him but found the number and called it to ensure it was the right unit before giving it to me. This was really appreciated. He also gave us some information to read on what type of fracture our daughter had and what the next steps were. We were in and out of the Emergency Department in less than four hours.

The next morning we got a call, they had a cancellation and could take her in. We arrived, were checked in and directed to the fourth floor Pediatric Unit. Our nurse was Stacey, and Dion was the other nurse on the floor. They were both absolutely amazing. Stacey was wonderful with our daughter, caring, gentle, understanding and attentive. She kept it light and made my daughter laugh and be comfortable. My daughter loved her ride on the bed that Stacey gave her to the surgical room.

The surgical team, Dr. Wang, Dr. Mohammed, resident Dr. B and Nurse Melissa were super amazing. They each took the time to come talk to us, explain things to both me and my daughter and ensure us that they and their operating room team would take good care of her. The 30-minute surgery time was the hardest waiting part for me but as soon as the surgery was done, Dr. Wang called me to say everything went well, she was doing ok, she was in recovery, waking up and someone would come get me when I could go see her in recovery. Taking the time to give me that short phone call when I am sure he had other surgeries and patients lined up was so appreciated. Leah was her nurse in recovery and took great care of her and told us both how well she had done.

After we were back in the Pediatric Unit, she was again well taken care of by Stacey and Dion. We received our discharge information. Stacey took the time to explain everything and to answer our questions. My daughter was so excited to get a yarn art kit and a treasure from the toy chest before we left.

I felt it was important to let the team know how much what they do every day for long hours and with a smile is truly appreciated. I would again like to thank all the doctors, nurses and staff for the great care, kindness, compassion and patience we received and for putting a mother’s mind at ease.

For Burnaby Hospital

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the incredible medical professionals who assisted and supported my father after he suffered from a stroke. Anytime a family member is admitted to the hospital it is an overwhelming and scary time. We are so grateful to everyone who contributed to his care and assisted him, in particular the 2A Medical Team who were wonderful. Thank you.

For the Embrace Clinic

I had a procedure by Hannah at the Embrace Clinic. I was super nervous but she made the experience a breeze. She was very knowledgeable, professional, friendly and just overall a great person. 10/10 would visit her again.

For the Mission Urgent and Primary Care Centre

I wanted to thank Registered Nurse Mike for such wonderful care. I was in so much pain and his pleasant and caring personality went a long way. Nurses have such a hard job and to be treated with such respect and care meant so much. Thank you, Mike.

For Peace Arch Hospital

Lori, working in Medical Imaging, went over and above the competencies required to work in the reception area of the department. Even when the area was full of patients concerned about the procedures ahead of them, her calm, supportive attitude and her efficiency and creativity stood out. I was there recently and had the opportunity to be one of her clients. Thank you, Lori.

For the Surrey-Whalley Urgent and Primary Care Centre

Dr. Yang has been patiently working with me for six years. He stands out from all other doctors I’ve encountered since moving to the Fraser Health region. He’s kind, professional and cares about his patients. He has gone above and beyond for me countless times. I feel so lucky to have him as my family doctor.

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