Learn more about the types of hospital rooms available.

Basic shared room

A basic room is one room shared by three or four patients and is no cost for patients with B.C. Medical Services Plan coverage.

The specific amenities included in a basic room vary for each hospital.

Private or semi-private room

Our Preferred Accommodation Program gives you the option of staying in a private or semi-private room for a daily fee, based on availability. If you'd like to request a private or semi-private room, please let the registration or admitting clerk know when you arrive.


  • Private room: $195
  • Semi-private room: $165

Note: Charges may be covered by your extended health insurance. To find out the details of your coverage for this benefit, please contact your insurance provider.

  • What is preferred accommodation?

    Preferred accommodation provides patients to request a private or semi-private room as opposed to a standard ward room. Your extended health plan may pay for all or part of the daily room charges, depending on the type of coverage in your plan. Check with your insurance provider.

  • If I do not have to extended medical insurance can I still request preferred accommodation and how do I pay for it?

    Yes, if you do not have extended medical insurance you can certainly request a private or semi-private room. You can pay for your room at the cashier's office at your site with Visa, Mastercard or personal cheque, or you can mail in your payment to our Accounts Receivable Department when you receive your invoice.

  • Will I be able to reserve a room of my choice?

    No, unfortunately we cannot reserve or guarantee a room. We do our best to accommodate your request.

  • How do I know what type of room I'm covered for?

    Check with your insurance provider to find out what type of room your plan covers you for.

  • Why are we now charging for rooms we've previously given for free?

    Our hospitals generate revenue by billing patient's extended health care providers for their client's stay in either a private or semi-private room in accordance with the applicable regulations. All of the revenue goes directly to the unit where the patient received care.

  • Is this going to deplete my insurance coverage?

    Typically, no. Usually there are no limits imposed on extended health benefits with respect to preferred accommodation. In general, most extended benefits plans are employer-sponsored and do not have pre-determined limits on room charges. If you anticipate a long stay, however, please check with your insurance provider.

  • Why is Fraser Health now asking patients for their extended health information?

    Most insurance companies allow Fraser Health to bill them directly on your behalf so you do not have to pay the bill upfront and apply to be reimbursed.


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