Providing culturally safe and wholistic primary care services for First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples of all ages.

xixɑɬəm̓ət ct tə məlsteyəxʷ ct - We are Caring for the People

Translation gifted by Fern Gabriel, Kwantlen First Nation 

Cedar tree care is built on Indigenous values that is person centered and incorporate traditional and cultural values that are built on the foundation of providing wholistic care by treating mind, body and spirit while also supporting social determinants of health.

Cedar tree The cedar tree is safety. Grounded with healthy roots despite being surrounded it flourishes open from any direction. For every Indigenous person always growing and looking upwards even beyond its lifespan. The cedar tree can be used in many ways, for smudging, art, shelter. It welcomes everyone and doesn't discriminate - it continues to help. The air is cleaned by it. And if you try to contain it, and keep it confined - the roots break through the pot and it grows beyond any container that tries to hold it back. It is a symbol of strength, medicine and vitality. It remains green and strong all year round. The cedar tree is sacred.