Use the Whistleblower Hotline to report a known or suspected case of wrongdoing by Fraser Health.

The Whistleblower Hotline does not replace other established processes or usual reporting structures such as reporting to management, workplace safety, Patient Care Quality Office, or other reporting avenues. Complainants are encouraged to utilize these existing reporting structures. However, if for any reason, these avenues are not deemed appropriate or one is not satisfied of the outcome of a complaint made, a report can be made confidentially and anonymously to the Whistleblower hotline.

Learn more about our Whistleblower Protection policy.


  • What is the Whistleblower process at Fraser Health?

    The Whistleblower Hotline for Fraser Health is managed by the Neutral Zone Coaching & Consulting Services Inc . (designate), an independent, external third party service provider. It acts as an intermediary to provide a fair, neutral, safe, confidential and effective complaints resolution process.

    You can make a report to the Whistleblower Hotline by phone or e-mail.

    Toll Free: 1-855-656-2132
    Fax: 604-656-2139

  • Who is the Whistleblower Hotline for?

    The Whistleblower Hotline is for:

    • Anyone working on behalf of Fraser Health, including employees, physicians, contractors, volunteers, managers, senior executives and the Fraser Health Board
    • Clients, patients and members of the public .
  • What should I do if I see something wrong?

    • Employees are advised to talk to their manager/supervisor first. If management has not responded appropriately to a reported wrongdoing or if existing reporting mechanisms do not apply (see question below), then call the Whistleblower Hotline.
    • Members of the public should determine if existing reporting mechanisms are available to address the wrongdoing (see question below).
  • Who will review my complaint?

    Your complaint will be forwarded by the Neutral Zone, the outside agency managing the Whistleblower Hotline, to the Fraser Health Whistleblower Committee for review. The Whistleblower Committee consists of the Executive Director of Internal Audit Services, General Counsel, Vice President of Employee Experience, and the Vice President of Patient Experience.

  • Will I get in trouble if I report on something I’ve seen to the Whistleblower Hotline?

    No. Fraser Health will not tolerate or allow any form of retaliation or harassment against any person who makes a report to the Whistleblower Hotline in good faith.

  • Can I make a report anonymously?

    Yes, reports may be made anonymously, however, individuals making a report are encouraged to provide their name and contact information to allow for follow up and clarification.

  • Who can I make a report about?

    You can make a report of suspected wrongdoing about anyone working on behalf of Fraser Health, including employees, physicians, contractors, managers, senior executives and members of the Board.

  • Will someone inform me about what happens with my complaint?

    The Whistleblower Committee (or designate) will inform you of actions taken based on your complaint within forty-five (45) days and will advise you on the outcome of the initial assessment.

  • Who do I contact if my concern is not regarding Fraser Health?

    For issues concerning other health care entities, please refer below.

    Provincial Health Services Authority

    Toll Free: 1-855-529-7233
    Local: 604-829-2650

    Vancouver Coastal Health

    Toll Free: 1-855-675-2520
    Local: 604-675-2520