Achieve a professional tone and learn how to write clear emails with these tips.

  • Use the business and professional writing tips in all sections of the general writing principles and readability tips.
  • Use descriptive subject lines. Example:
    • For review by May 5: Upcoming presentation slide deck attached.
  • Focus content on a single topic without adding more information than is necessary.
  • Start a new email for secondary topics.
  • Use the Fraser Health email signature for your email communications (see below).

How to set up your Fraser Health email signature

Using a consistent email signature across the organization presents us as one, professional and unified team.

Use this step-by-step guide to update your email signature. (You will be able to copy and paste the correct formatting.)

What to include in your email signature

  • Standard contact information - name, credentials, title, department, contact information.
  • Feel free to identify your gender pronouns. Including a gender pronoun gives people confidence when addressing you. Posting gender pronouns is optional.
  • Territorial acknowledgements - place in italics at the end of the email signature.

What not to include in your email signature

  • Backgrounds
  • Quotes
  • Images/graphics

Download our writing style guide.