Free and confidential specialized medical care for survivors of recent interpersonal violence.

Embrace Clinic is the outpatient clinic of Fraser Health’s Forensic Nursing Service. We offer short-term, specialty medical-forensic care* and treatment in an outpatient setting for people who have experienced recent violence such as sexual assault, partner violence, exploitation, elder abuse, family violence and trafficking.

We host a Strangulation Clinic for people who have recently experienced this serious type of violence.

Embrace Clinic also offers specialty sexual health services as capacity permits.

Our patients

  • Any gender
  • Mature minors and adults
  • Want trauma informed and specialized medical and or focused forensic care related to recent experience of violence.

Embrace Clinic does not offer full body forensic examinations or collect specimens for forensic analysis. This is only done by the Forensic Nursing Service. We can forensically document injuries and create medical-legal reports as needed.

Services for recent survivors of violence:

  • Modified forensic examination and documentation of injury
  • Strangulation Clinic - assessment, documentation and management
  • Head injury assessment, documentation and management
  • STI testing, diagnosis and treatment, pap tests if needed
  • Rapid HIV testing
  • Trauma-informed genital / pelvic exams
  • Emergency contraception (including IUD insertions)
  • Pregnancy testing and unbiased options services
  • Vaccinations, prescriptions as needed
  • Assistance with mental health and sleep following recent trauma
  • Minor wound care and medical care of injuries (ie. sprains, strains, suture removal)
  • Referrals and connections with community services
  • Medical notes and assistance for return to school / work

Specialty Sexual Health Services available for any person:

  • Pap tests (cervical cancer screening) - online booking only
  • Emergency contraception including IUD insertions
  • Pregnancy testing and option services
  • IUD and Contraceptive Implant insertions
  • STI screening and treatment for known positive cases and their contacts

Please note:

  • We are not a counselling service or mental health treatment clinic.
  • We are not a crisis response service.
  • We cannot become your regular health care provider.
  • We are not a general women’s health or sexual health clinic.
  • We are not a physical examination centre for clinicians who chose to provide virtual medical care only.


  • Monday to Friday,  9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Closed weekends and statutory holidays

For phone and in-person appointments:

Same day and next business day appointments may be available for priority patients.

Referrals from organizations or other health care providers:

Patients can access our services more quickly by contacting us directly.

Please use our community referral form to make referrals from other sources. Referrals must have patient consent. We will contact patients within three business days of receiving the referral.

*If you are seeking a full forensic exam and it has been less than seven days since the incident please see Forensic Nursing Service for how to access 24/7 medical-forensic care.

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