Please read for important information regarding Public Health services for your prenatal and postpartum patients.

Prenatal Registration

All pregnant patients who live in the Fraser Health region are encouraged to register for the Public Health Prenatal Best Beginnings program:

Public Health services for your prenatal patient are available early in pregnancy; you or your patient can complete and fax the registration form (print versions available in Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Farsi, Korean and Punjabi) or go online to register.

In addition to accessing Public Health support, by registering through the Best Beginnings program, birthing hospitals are notified of your patients’ estimated delivery date, which allows the labour and delivery units to plan accordingly.

How will patients benefit from public health prenatal services? Why refer?

Public health nurses review completed prenatal registration forms to identify people who would benefit from enhanced public health home visiting services that focus on psychosocial factors that may impact prenatal and infant health. Topic areas clients may explore with the public health nurse include having a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby, developing parenting skills, building strong goals in life, creating a safe, nurturing home and access to other community resources.

When is the best time to refer?

Early referral or self-referral to public health services at the first prenatal contact is very important. Early prenatal care and support results in better perinatal, infant and child health outcomes.

Smart Mom - Mobile Text Messaging Program for Prenatal Patients

Encourage your patient to sign up for Smart Mom, an evidence-based text-messaging program. This Canadian prenatal education program sends three evidence-based text messages per week to help guide them through each week of pregnancy and up to six weeks postpartum.

Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding support

Fraser Health’s Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding online modules can support your patient in getting started and address common feeding challenges.

Public Health nurses are available to support your patient with positioning and latching until the baby is six weeks old. Have your patient call their local health unit to book an appointment.

Syphilis screening in pregnancy

Perinatal Services BC recommends all pregnant individuals have syphilis screening performed:

  1. During the first trimester of pregnancy or at the first prenatal visit.
  2. Near delivery – at the time of admission for delivery or any time after 35 weeks’ gestation.

New Perinatal and Newborn Health Hub: a go-to resource for comprehensive preconception to newborn care

Explore the Hub at

You can sign up for the online orientation session on January 17, 2024, at noon Webinar Registration - Zoom.

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