Thanks for submitting your influenza vaccine requests. Public Health Units are processing and filling your

We know that there will be increased demand for flu vaccines this season. Help us ensure that vaccines are accessible across the Fraser Health region:

  • When calculating how much vaccine to request for your practice, please consider:
    • How much vaccine you used last year
    • How much will be feasible to deliver this year, especially given volume constraints with physical distancing
    • That our vaccine supply is shared across the region, and most community vaccine providers are increasing the number of flu vaccines they will deliver this season
  • Please include the amount of doses requested for the season on your order form. While we understand this is an estimate, it helps us with planning.

We can all do our best to provide a flu shot to everyone who wants one while making vaccines accessible to those most at risk from flu:

  • Don’t miss an opportunity if someone wants a vaccine. Three of this year’s vaccine products can be used for anyone over 6 months of age. If a preferred product is not available, use another interchangeable product. For a quick look at the vaccines available this year and who is eligible to get them, click here.
  • Consider offering clinics accessible to those most at risk such as those over 65 years old, pregnant women, and those with specific health conditions
  • Very few people are not in contact with someone who is high risk, and therefore very few people are ineligible for the publicly funded vaccine.
  • Let clients/patients know that with COVID-19 precautions, it may take longer to get an appointment.

Preferred vaccine for those 65 years and older (Fluad) will be available sooner

  • Fluad has been delivered to Public Health Units ahead of schedule and arrived this week.

Practical guide for delivering mass immunizations

Fraser Health Public Health has created Considerations when preparing for a mass immunization clinic, with practical tools including sample layouts, signs, screening forms, and recording sheets.

If you have further questions, send them to Be sure to include your name, contact information, and the city you’re located in. We will do our best to answer your questions.

Download the MHO update in PDF format.

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